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Angel from Australia and Japan food party



Emigrate to Australia、The tender husbandNelson MarcelinoMarried to、Last year gave birth to Luca's AngelUchiyama Izumi (Izumi Uchiyama Marcelino)Her Family came to Japan about two weeks to、On the way out to my home in Hamamatsu to visit received a call to come and、Waiting had been looking forward to this day!

Nelson was "hate pork" when we met last time.、We "want to eat tonkatsu! "It was a request for、I have chosen to wield the arms and let Japan food and wine at my house!

The "tonkatsu"、At Watanabe butchers always order "Hida pork" loin and tenderloin、Roast the meat to a thickness of 2 cm cut the notch to、The tenderloin whole olives intact is buying one! Hida pork texture over FAT and has a sweetness that can be enjoyed!

Use rice oil with bread crumbs、Crisp breads、And it finishes nicely as。Is indispensable to fry our favorite "otafuku okonomi Sauce & adult dry"、The smoldering odor of smoked ripe jalapenos and best matched to cabbage and tonkatsu、Nelson and Izumi-Chan are also very popular! To enjoy the taste of snow salt and "grated daikon Ponzu" also available!

The side dishes、Special Spring in Japan "was really contained" and "bracken and carrot、Pickled ginger in "to was。Could fit in the mouth of the Nelson's spring Greens bitter?、Like me in a good mood, I was relieved!

After dinner、Izumi-Chan our hospital "rippling" "Strawberry tart" at Tea time! Japan to understand the Nelson is broken than ever before、Have become accustomed to Japan。Luca is brought up to speak the native language of the parents, nor is、Future、In English and in Portugal, plus Japan to also understand and、Growing up trilingual, so future is fun!

This time、Luca became the predecessor of the first。9Luca became a month、Than look at pictures on FB still adorable、Cheeks are going to fall and punipuni. is eating and want to be as cuteness scale. clear-headed, Nelson of the Super Elite is、Now Nelson takes paternity, "ikumen fairy"! It is praticed also give milk to the hungry Luca! With the warmth of spring heart cheeks I could spend time to unwind!

Nelson、Izumi-CHAN、Luca,Let & # 8217s; s meet again in Australia!
















"Hymer" Hamamatsu open! American big size burgers In United States San Francisco via United Airlines from Haneda Airport to Utah
"Hymer" Hamamatsu open! American big size burgers
In United States San Francisco via United Airlines from Haneda Airport to Utah


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