Sticking to "seasonal taste new or" fresh local seafood in Izu peninsula, loved by the local Japanese restaurant

Located conveniently within walking distance 5 minutes ' walk from JR Ito STA. located Ito hot springs in Japan three "What's fresh flavor."To!

Here is、In a famous hotel and give served ten years as head chef、Is a Japanese restaurant that independent Tanaka Hiromasa fugu chef's license also is getting。Providing a ground fish 漁reta on the Izu peninsula、Not to mention that tourists are staying at nearby hotel、Restaurant loved by local people blessed with the bounty of the seamount, and tongue.

Shop、Spacious counter seating in Japanese style rooms with tatami seating there was、And a total of 37 seats、Please feel the warm and welcoming atmosphere!

Drinking also provides rich menu、It is possible to enjoy on its own、This day's only meal in the personal、Cooked fresh fish and seasonal、Grilled fish, such as a good balance between our "dinner table" 2600 yen and ordered the "egg topping] 700 yen instead of hot soup!

"AJI bone crackers" in the over the counter、See how Japanese radish.、"Plum of a sardine sauce.、"Fried soak eggplant.、Highlands flower bean、Such as the "煮浸shi of the Greens.、Hasn't been used with special ingredients of the day sequence.、Set the number of products from the chubachi, courtesy of the、Be eaten to the bone "sardine plum sauce" and made smoke and plenty of squid broth "how radish" is、Flavor depth across the Mise en scene and at dinner on one of the best! Is a giant plateau flower bean beans can also serve most was stiff! will be healed.

Raw fish ' tuna、Norths、Horse mackerel ' will keep plenty of Wasabi in Izu、

The grilled fish、Fully enjoy the miso cod was burned in a private cremation site suggests that counter closely! A rich umami cod、Demon is a specialty product of the grated radish horseradish sauce topped、That the proceeds go rice!

Cooked fresh steaming hot rice with plenty of seaweed and miso soup and Japanese pickles、A hearty dinner set、

Horse mackerel and tuna、Snapper with bonito、Make a ginger soy marinade on the fish of the day with green onions and shiso leaf "lick would be" even passengers with green food for fishermen on board the tea soup scented with the fragrance of intriguing appetite、And it will be made!

And savor the warm Ito、At night were healed, tired。
While city、As long as the staff who served the free ticket opposite the parking lot an hour!

What's fresh flavor.
Address:Shizuoka Ito-shi Chuo-Cho 3-13 Mart Mobil
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:00Dinner 17:30To 22:00( L.O.21:30-
Closed on Mondays:Mondays (open if the holidays、Next day is closed)

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