Ito Onsen Tokai Kan early spring atmosphere Matsukawa River hot springs

Ito hot springsThe promenade of the Matsukawa River in the Matsukawa River enjoying the exotic atmosphere of the early Showa era from the late Taisho tasteful!

Matsukawa River R Ito STA. composed are within a 10-minute walk and maintained at about 1 km、For the cherry trees and willows planted、Guests can enjoy a stroll through the night is at the moment.。At the end of the lantern lit promenade Street、Hotel in 1928, founded in the early Showa eraTokai-Kan Ito hot springsAnd enshrined、The delicate wooden three-story appearance、Also figure floating in the luxurious atmosphere.

Discover France restaurant promenade becomes like one! see kivisild (Kivisilt) "In the fish dishes in Bistro are conducted with his wife。Enjoy the food here、Overlook Tokai Museum across the River through、Because it was a very nice place、I want to visit there next time!

Tokai Museum closed in history lasted for nearly 70 years as a hotel business is certified as ITO city designated cultural properties、After saving renovation、2001On July 26, was renewed as ITO hot spring tourist and cultural facilities "Tokai no yakata"、You can also visit a competing arms of carpenters and built masterpiece、In addition to use as a hot spring facility are available! Spring water!

Floating around in front of the stately entrance is a hit! Crane and tortoise、Amazed by the delicate filigree decorated with wood carving waves and good luck in the rising sun.

Next to it is、House building has been certified as a registered tangible cultural property of the country "K & # 8217s; s House Ito Onsen k's House Ito Onsen"And、As a reasonably priced hostel for foreigners are very popular! The Japanese Style of traditional Japanese style、Foreign visitors will appreciate it!

Tokai Hall
Address:Shizuoka Ito-Shi Higashi Matsubara 12-10
Hours of operation: House Tour is 9-9 pm
Closed days:Monthly no. 3 on Tuesday (holidays, English)
Admission fee:Rates: Individual adult 200 yen、150 yen for groups、Individual children 100 yen、Groups 50 Yen
Bathing is permitted,: Every week Saturday.、On Sundays and public holidays
Bath time:11:-19:00
Bath fee: Adults: 500 yen、Children 300 yen
Hotel's Japanese-style Café hours:10:-17:00 (L.O.16:30-

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