Breakfast Bliss "garaku" "stuffing" receive the grace of the Toyama


200511-9.In the expanded "GARAKU"And I of the annexB1 floorProvided in、
2015In January 5,.In the renewed Japanese Aya zeze "How their music taste"Mr.。
Plenty of Toyama ingredients are used、Expressing the changing seasonsMunekataEnjoy japanese cuisine full of the chef's flavor、
The rich ingredients of Toyama, which are decorated with vessels carefully selected by the owner、You can ♪ enjoy it on each plate every season

Breakfast with a refreshing awakening、Click here "How their music tasteI will have Japanese food of mr.。
Breakfast time、7Time-10 amIn the last entry is9When the half-Will be!


Decorated in calm tones、In the modern store、It is full ♪ of refreshing sunlight in the morning


What's your breakfast this time?、I had you prepare a private room of this place.。
The green of the garden reflects the dazzling light in an artistic space dyed in crimson、
In a quiet and calm atmosphere、You can ♪ enjoy your meal


"Wake up drink"

grape juice and apple juice mixed with rosemary and a little honey。
A slight sweetness and fruit acid are easily familiar to the throat、It's just a good drink to wake up. ♪


What's the food for breakfast?、Seasonal small bowls are arranged in a variety of small pieces little by little、
Specialties of ToyamaUsed、As in the good sense of volume、anySmall Greens suit Toyama riceOnly with very good balance!


With tofu


Water with cucumber sunomono


Shiitake mushroom and kelp Tsukudani


Dried plums


Ya Yue Kutchan brand egg flavour sponge cake


Green Onion miso



Use the vessel luxuriously、Aoriika sashimi and in its margins、
Wispy in plum sauce.Noto Peninsula and Toyama BayI am decorated with、It has a ♪ wonderful effect


Pottery fish in Toyama Bay

Miso Yuan-yaki with sardines is served with yuzu pepper。
It tastes elegant,、Toyama riceFelt even delicious!


"Homemade Seiro kamaboko"

In the small steam basket、Handmade Seiro Kamaboko。
Kamaboko using white fish and scallop surimi、Wrap with cherry leaves、I'll have it with the scent.。
It seems that you can add rock salt if you like.、It is enough umami and taste as it is ♪


"Soy from Toyama Prefecture"homemade tofu in sweet serenity.

Bamboo instrument is also elegant.
You can choose extra virgin olive oil to put over here。
Mild、Fruity、Spicy and the most popular of the three is mild。
Because I got mild last time、This time I asked for fruity and spicy. ♪

First of all the、Take a bite as it is。
The sweetness and rich taste of soybeans spread、It is a very delicious yuba tofu even if you have it as it is。
And、Add the olive oil you just mentioned to your liking.、Just a shake of salt、
Is also recommend you pull the sweet addition!


"Rice in miso soup"

What about this rice?、Osawa district of ToyamaIn has been a rice farmer "Dirt playing field (doyuuno)"ofHashimotoOrganic rice terrace rice made by Mr.。
Koshihikari rice malts and rare species、In the rich soil of the mountain、I raised it with the ducks.。
Yonemoto, come taste the condensed、Feel the aftertaste of sweetness、Fragrant rice.。
Are sold at the shop!

The rice of the earthenware pot cooked plumply、The grains stand firmly、It is exquisite with plenty of mochi and sweetness!
And beams.、Toyama riceIs is very good!


"Green tea"

In a small bowl but a wide variety of small vegetables、I just got another one.、
It is a breakfast where you can fully enjoy the seafood of Toyama。
After enjoying a meal、11Do you want to spend a leisurely time in your room until the check-out time?、
Or、You can enjoy the art in the hall.、It is also a good idea to pick a souvenir at the shop.。
We have、I would like to take a walk around the hotel with a small exercise after meals. ♪

2015Accommodation in early summer is here!

56-2 Kasuga, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture TEL:076-467-5550

56-2 Kasuga, Toyama-Shi, Toyama Prefecture

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