Takase GM and talk about Lexus Toyama senses-themed event!


Is on State Highway No. 41 of Toyama [Lexus Toyama] To the! In the taxi business began in 0/1917、
And 99 years and immediately greeted the 100th anniversary "Shinagawa-group"Being operated!
Today [Lexus Toyama] for meet Junichi Takase, GM should have been!
Called also、Toyota's new car purchase examine possible roles home、Is asked to consult was connected with FB high Kawase's up!

In the [Lexus Toyama:、Last September, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of、Meeting with 10 artists in Toyama、
Senses theme to being held at the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel event "AMAZING The Senses"!
The 10 names、lade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineWe will be reporting the PotterGaku SyakunagaCum started.、
Nanto City Johana Orihime inMatsui textile co., Ltd.The Matsui Kiko-Chan and、
Yao "Shimoo Design"For Mr. Kazuhiko caudate and tail down Mr. and Mrs. Thao Kaori had appeared from、
Event planning skills have been very entertained interestingness! Congratulations on your 10th anniversary!

[Toyama Lexus] of high Kawase's、The Group's [Netstoyotanovel and Mt.] Of yamamuro shop
Tell you about deal flow! thank you thank you!





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