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Looks and runs towards motohama enters the futamata trail from Willow Street "Culinary Arts Shin still"The signs。Established as a new hamaya fish shop in the early Meiji period、Current ownerNagatanien mitsuhiroMr. in the4Second generationNext、Beloved people of regulars, are thriving day and night。 Shop、6 counter seats overlook a kitchen、Table seats 6 x 2、Table cell 4 seats、Hori kotatsu style parlor is spacious 20, up to。On the counter-、And the fried fish、Homemade pickled plums and pickled shallots、In addition to order ingredients、Guests can enjoy watching it alone。Originally there had been fresh business from generation to generation、Want delicious fresh fish offered at a reasonable price、Seems that is stocking must be selected in the eyes of your own ingredients。In such culinary Shin still、Lunch dailyWhat800CircleAnd at the very best prices available。Regulars of the familiar and beloved、Many haunted every day by day?。This also、The lunch (main dish、Side dish (2 kinds)、Rice、Miso soup、Pickles) ordered 800 yen.


When I always sit down to the usual counter seat、Mr. Nagatani, the owner of the shop, greets us with a smile.。Just、3In the middle of cutting a large Saijo of L size、When I immediately said, "Wow♪, I ate it, i ♪," he carefully removed one of the seeds, saying, "I'll cool ♪ it down for dessert."。This big saijo、It seems to have been arranged for the Nishi-Tsubaki of the children's cool festival.、It was canceled by the typhoon, and it seems to have lost the place to go.。It is such a Nishijima-chan.、Shinhama's customers' stomach sits together deliciously、Because it was medeshi and medetai, it was a♪ good time.


Daily lunch-800 yen

Specials of the day、Muniel of the Rose。The salmon which I sprinkled the clothes and baked、It becomes a side dish that goes well with white rice♪


Daily lunch bowl "Deep-fried eggplant dipped" and "Tuna and campachi hot water pull with sesame sauce"

You can always enjoy about two small bowls.、Also good point of set meal。Fish side dishes gently soak into the stomach in the gentle seasonof eggplant♪



In favor of Mr. Nagatani、It is a little inside Toro of the bonus! I'm happy to say, "If you have this, you ♪ can have another cup of rice."、Mr. Nagatani (laugh) who is on a diet is a sweet whisper for us who are on a diet.、I will not do the alternative indeed! I had a melting medium toro freshly with a mountain bowl♪


Daily lunch set "Rice"、Miso soup、Pickles.

Here you will、It's always a warm set meal like the taste of home.、The rice was so delicious that it went too far.、I forget the 8th minute of my belly and become full♪.


Dessert "Nishi-an"

Until the end of the meal、He put the saijo that had cooled it in the refrigerator in a glass container and put it cool.。When i'm cheeking a very sweet saijo、Mr. Nagatani who gives me one after another from yellow saijo to Makwouri (I'm full!:LOL) Whatever、It is said that neighbors and customers who are farmers always leave various vegetables and fruits in front of the store! I'm sure the people who will be put here will♪ cook it deliciously.、It must have been thought that the ingredients would not be wasted.。Because Mr. Nagatani has a strong spirit of service、I'm sure you'll get such a kind-hearted customer.、I'm sure♪ Mr. Tsujinagatani.、I will come again! ~!

Culinary Arts Shin still
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Nakazawa-Cho 67-12 TEL:053-522-8789
Hours of operation 11:00-14:00 17:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday、Holidays、3rd Monday

67 -12 Nakazawa-Cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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