Stroll around Khao san! To the prestigious first-class royal Buddhist temple that is related to the royal family of Thailand!

Riverside Hotel "Riva Surya BangkokFrom the Riverside Terrace of Reba Surriya Bangkok, take a walk around Khao san onthe promenade!


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The nearest "Santichaiprakarn Park" is located at Phra Arthit.、The flowers are in full bloom and the calm air drifts!

What is the white building in the park?、It became the fortress "Phra Sumen Fort" of about 200 years ago.、 The junction of the Chao Phraya River and the Banlamploo Canal、Located at the northernmost point of the city wall、It is a fortress that was active as a key point of important defense and water traffic!

There are two main temples around the hotel, so make sure to visit!

1 "Wat Chanasongkram (Wat Chana Songkhram)"
It's not well known to tourists.、One of the famous temples in Thailand、It is a small temple loved by locals that many worshippers visit at the end of the year and New Year's holidays!

What is the name of the temple?、"Chana- Win"、it means "Songkhram-Fight"、Because it is said that it is "a victory temple" and "it wins any difficulty"、If you stop by to pray for victory, you may be able to live up to your benefit!

2 "Wat Bowonniwet"
A splendid temple that can be seen along Plasmen Street!
Built in 1826、It will be the head of the Tamayut sect that later Rama IV founded!

This is the place of the departure training before the prince ascended to the throne.、From Rama V to King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Rama IX、It became a first-class royal Buddhist temple where successive royalty were trained.、It is a very formal temple!

The sculpture of the gate called "Platou Siaukan" of the front door is glossy and wonderful.、I stop involuntarily and am amazed!

In the main hall、The golden Buddha statue handed down from the ancient Chiang Saen dynasty is enshrined.、Even the detailed depiction of the mural is so eye-catching!

The image of the statue which protects the pagoda and the surroundings in all directions shining in gold、In addition, it is a temple full of attractions such as the palace where successive kings lived during the training of the family!

In addition、There is no admission fee for either temple.、In the morning, there are few people, so you can enjoy it comfortably and recommend it!


The view from the bridge over the Banglampoo Canal is very quiet.、The terrace cafes along the canal where pigeons fly are also stylish!

In this neighborhood, there is "Banglampoo Market" which is a branch of street stalls.、Clothing is lined up with a sizzling、You can enjoy a market where precious metals and accessories are available!

Now、Because it became lunch time while walking、Next, let's introduce the famous local dining room in this neighborhood!

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