Khao San Road&Introducing the famous local gourmet in the vicinity of Lambutory Street!

Riverside Hotel "Riva Surya BangkokExperience the famous local gourmet in the area around Khao San, within walking distance of Reba Surya Bangkok!

2019/11/6Bangkok Travel Khaosan Ram Buttri Vol.2

2019/11/6Bangkok Travel Khaosan Ram Buttri Vol.3

The Thai-style chicken rice "Khao Man Kai" is super famous at the "Nameless Yatai" on Prasmen Street north of Khao San Street!

Blue、Green、Colorful parasols in red are a landmark、The stall where the elder sister who wears the hat runs with a smile becomes a big prosperity at any time of the day.、I was able to see how it was still full! (Take-out is also possible.)


10have been operating in the same place for more than a year.、The showcase is lined with chicken hung all over one bird.、The chicken stewed in a big pot is very juicy.、It seems to be excellent compatibility with the rice cooked in chicken soup!
Impressive figure to cut the boiled chicken with a big Chinese kitchen knife in a bold way!

Also、 There is also a famous "name-free order stall" in the same street alley, and there is also information that Thai classicdishes such as "Pat KraPhao" are delicious!

After cutting the ingredients, stir-fry them in a wok and it is completed in no time!

On this street、There are also a lot of shops of crispy Thai crepe "Khanom Buang"、Sweet type and side dish type are sold two kinds of、You can also see tourists enjoying a walk while picking a snack!

Meat and fish at the stall、There are stalls selling eggs.、Colorful vegetables and fruits are lined with thai herbs and fruits.、There are a lot of chinese who hardly cook for a thai person, too.、It is an indispensable market as part of the lives of the local people!

The local gourmet restaurant we chose for lunch this time、"Tom YumKunbangrampu" on Krasi StreetTom Yum Goong BanglamphuIt is! This is a Thai restaurant gourmet site from Bangkok. It was also taken up in the Thai restaurant、Famous shop of Tom Yumkun (Tom yum goong) which boasts explosive popularity!

There is a famous uncle who shakes the pot in the kitchen in the stall.、The moment I pointed my camera at it, he gave me a big smile!

"Tom Yum Goong S Size" 150THB (about 540 yen in Japanese yen) 1THB : about 3.6 yen (converted at the rate in November 2019)
Tom Yumkun is "sweet"、"Great place to get"、It is a soup representative of Thailand where you can enjoy the taste of the shamisen of "acid"!
The shrimp enters in a great way.、Mild shades of coconut milk、Rich in aromas such as lemongrass and kafill lime leaf (kobmikan leaves)、Sweat comes out in the real taste that i feel the pungent taste strongly after sweet and spicy!

Stir fried pork with sardines (Stir fried fried with water mimosa) 80THB (about 290 yen for Japanese yen)
Pork is fried in crispy with clothes.、It is finished in garlic flavor together with vegetable water mimosa (Mizuojigisou) unique to Thailand!
It is a sardine with a stem like an empty-core vegetable.、I prefer to fry it to the extent that the texture remains a little more!

"Chang Beer bottle" 80THB (about 290 yen for Japanese yen)
Speaking of Thai beer、It is recommended during meals to drink easily like water!
There is a popular restaurant、The customer's foot seems to be moistened without interruption!

The local gourmet restaurant i chose for lunch the next day、The famous shop "Kunden Kuijap Yuan" on Phra Arthit Street in front of the hotelKhun Dang Guaw Jub YuanIt is

The hot "Vietnamese style Quintiao" is famous here!
Kuai tiao is about Thai style ramen.、The variety of noodles, ingredients and soups will be rich in variety!

"Kuai tiao Vietnamese Noodle Normal Size" 50THB (about 180 yen for Japanese yen)
Guay Jub Yuan, which is also in the name of the restaurant, refers to the Vietnamese style Quintiaa.、Noodles are different from the typical Quitty Ao in Thailand、By mixing tapioca powder with rice noodles、It has become a thin noodle that you can enjoy the smooth sticky texture!
The soup is served with fried garlic.、Enjoy the flavorful taste that you can feel the umami of the soup stock firmly、The ingredients like a hammer are soft, too.、Everything is delicious!
Add about a teaspoon of chili spices in the "follow-up seasoning" set on the table.、I was surprised and had the punch ingpower! (Note:It is the level of hotness that can be delicious.)
We are good at relatively spicy food.、Be careful about the real hotness!

If you say 180 yen in Japanese yen、It is a price range where you can eat cup noodles.、To be able to eat this noodle at such a price、And beams.、I'm afraid of the Kingdom of Thailand!

I introduced the local gourmet around Khao san in Thailand、The most surprising gourmet in Khao San!? The 、It is "deep-fried salmon" of skewer!
In the Thai market, etc.、Turtles and cicadas、Ants、Cricket、Gengoro, larvae, etc.、You can also meet very grotesque getemono!
It is an elder brother who reveals the desire to sell close with a smile with a smile as much as possible、I was also a Scorpio in this! (laughs)

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