Ol' "Yilan National Center of traditional arts" Taiwan go back in time!

"Yilan National Center of traditional arts (National Center for Traditional Arts)National chuan Tong Arts intraoperative heart (conduction of the Arts Cultural Park)"The good ol' days of fun be streets!

The Wenchang city map (11)、Image of a House with traditional architecture, has been rebuilt、Along with a gentle curve、Brought during Japan colonial period Western architectural styles、Is very elegant House of nan district、Back in time like atmosphere you can enjoy!

In the town of、Order the hotels involved in the clothing store、Stroll along and enjoy shopping!

Here is、Places to learn the tradition in Taiwan that there、Also has students from all over Taiwan as a part of the school's extracurricular activities to visit a theme park、Offers students more often! It is just the kind kids calling honest answer received!

Extraordinary Kanpo Oriental medicine ""President Noboru Yoshiyuki(DengYi HanYo) "to enter the shop and、Learn about the various Chinese medicine!

Dryness had plants and seeds、The blend of grains, such as、Feeling mentally and physically, such as Presbyterians and enjoy the aroma feels good!

The herbal medicine to crush rub yagen、Was an image using both hands、Originally had lying around up and down with both feet in、And try to actually、Know you pretty much use the ABS、さながら筋トレのような雰囲気に!

ドライフルーツやハーブティー等も色々販売されており、On this day、金木犀の香りを移した烏龍茶「桂花烏龍茶」の試飲させていただきました!

In the last、薬箱のようなカウンター棚の前で薬師になった気分でパチリ!

In addition to、伝統的な紙の傘専門店「紙天空藝術"Now、一つひとつ手づくりで貼り合わせる紙製の色鮮やかな傘や花のように美しい刺繍が施された「小花園」の履きやすい刺繍靴などを堪能!


古い街並みでタイムスリップ度を高めるためにフォトスタジオ「青春照相館"In the、レトロなレンタル衣装と記念撮影がお勧めです!



わたしは当時の「貴婦人風」を装いMavis Kuoはとっても可愛い「女学生風」に大変身!





Yilan National Center of traditional arts (National Center for Traditional Arts) national chuan Tong of intraoperative heart
Location:Hama road Yichang Orchid, 5 鄉 papers new village five two-201-go
Hours of operation:9:00To 18:00
Open every day

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2018/4/20Taiwan travel / Yilan National Center of traditional arts


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