Achieve "Yilan National Center of traditional arts" Ilan of Taiwan traditional art theme

"Orchid Castle Jing Ying Hong Silks Place Yilan シルクスプレイス宜蘭」の新たなサービスの一環としてスタートした無料レンタルカーシステム「カーステル(CARSTEL)」を利用し、 Beetle (Beetle) drop in to your destination today!

I went to "Yilan National Center of traditional arts (National Center for Traditional Arts)National chuan Tong Arts intraoperative heart (conduction of the Arts Cultural Park)」!

Here is、And management by the Government、2002"House of the three" in theme parks was born on January、"City of the three.、Theme and configure the "three architects"、Theme park can enjoy various attractions that can't get enough of the good old days Taiwan traditional arts and DIY workshops.

A model facility in Japan's Meiji-Mura、With the traditional buildings were relocated from Taiwan around、Place to nostalgic, nostalgic mood somewhere、The picturesque town spreads!

As the guide staffKate Lin.Wei ratio range(Bill) all charge information、For interpretersAlison ChangMr. Yi Wu journal (Jiro Japanese white-eye)-Chan please translate it in Japan!

Near the entrance、Is the "Wenchang Shrine in the MAP (7) was built by the Central Government for the first time in Taiwan.、In the knowledge of God and worship the Emperor xiaowen, kun became、Will place worshippers pray for success and academic achievement to students!

Because it is already learning how to worship、Challenge the elevens in Taiwan-Fortune "cult cult"! Had both hands throwing two half-moon shaped pieces of wood to、True if both sides!

Succeeded brilliantly in 1 shot out front and back! Wishes will come true!

To the Exhibition Hall featuring Taiwan handicraft traditions and exhibits a valuable map (16)。

For Japan-language audio guide are provided at the reception desk、While holding down the signs before the exhibit numbers button、I would back the history of Taiwan and while you visit!

In the Exhibition Hall before the clock tower、2Me off to announce at that time dancing dance、Long, thin arms and legs spread、Elegant dances was very impressed!

In addition to、Entertainment is opened at the weekend and "Peking" or "song Chai Academy.、The various performances, such as "circus world figurines" are done!

The Trapper's brother or sister、In the MAP (17) "plays exhibition square.、That's some big show starts!
It's、 Zodiac is aligned fine till the dance show "the twelve students Xiao"!

", Ox s. Tiger, rabbit, Dragon, snake and am and unread and petition, Rooster, dog and boar" and dressed as a character utilizing the characteristics of the Zodiac each、Flying is jumping around at、In rapid succession and blink ban sleight、Last Dance limbo, high jump、The applause!

Good news is that、You set all Zodiac character photo!
So my "year of the ox"、I took in front of the dude and wild ox's!

Yilan National Center of traditional arts (National Center for Traditional Arts) national chuan Tong of intraoperative heart
Location:Hama road Yichang Orchid, 5 鄉 papers new village five two-201-go
Hours of operation:9:00To 18:00
Open every day

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2018/4/20Taiwan travel / Yilan National Center of traditional arts


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