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Palais de Sin Taipei lobby European Castle reminiscent to five-star hotels


Located to the North of Taipei train station、Taipei City shopping mall was built as a joint project with the Government "Beijing railway station at Qsquare, square(Cue square) "on the features、Taipei underground station and well-located hotel with direct access "Your products Hotel Palais de Chine Hotel Taipei(Paredesin) ' to!

2010Since opening in may、The hotel attracts attention、Chen Rui, (Ray Chen) in the prominent architects and designers has been handled、Oozes style of European design is very popular!

Particularly eye-catching bright red signs in a bustling Taipei station、The logo image of stamp、In the name of the hotel "your products" in class represents a character!

"Your product" and the、Means "King of quality"、Pale Decin is Taiwan's first hotel chain brand "LDC clouds, the Moon Hotels & Resorts Group "run is a 5 star hotel!

The hotel ground floor、And the Concierge counter in entrance hall、Decorated with glittering chandeliers and high-quality velour curtains、Exhibits of antique wooden horses with presence and big impact!

Boarded an elevator from the ground floor、6To the floor at the front counter!

Click here 2-4F is a department store that features!

6The front lobby、Colours and shades of dark tones filled with restless、Using quarried rock walls, chandeliers and wall、And is the image of the European、While the new design in the classical elements well taken!

As you'd expect、Due to Chen Rui, (Ray Chen) design、And directing the depth of the atmosphere light and mirrors using good, atmosphere and space, such as、Air view of the world so cool!

And also Japan staff at the reception、Security check-in!

Hotel Director of Sales & Marketing Lee Perrine youji (Pei Jung Tania Lee) And can speak fluent Japan language Sales Maneger Huang Shu-ping (Alice Huang)、In your busy schedule、Kindly welcome!

This hotel "World Luxury Hotel Awards"Award 3 years in a row, in、"Taiwan sightseeing Light Board"Finds" five star "of honor and awarded! Also、Can members and certain independent hotel review the standards "Preferred Hotels & Resorts"The group is joined for the first time in Taiwan, has earned a reputation!

In addition、Speaking of the hottest this year、Chinese restaurant in the hotel "Your products Hotel Summer Palace Le Palais ル・パレ」が「ミシュランガイド台北2018」にて、Three-star Michelin、And the State is now followed by booking 3 months waiting、And the overwhelming popular hotels in Taipei.

Herr paredesin (Palais de Chine Hotel) hotel
Location: No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2181 9999

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2018/4/26Taiwan travel /Palais de Chine you Shanghai


Nice hotel to spend time "Mandarin Oriental Taipei, dream-like your edge "Palais de Singh Taipei, rooms is classical and modern antiques, filled with restless.
Nice hotel to spend time "Mandarin Oriental Taipei, dream-like your edge
"Palais de Singh Taipei, rooms is classical and modern antiques, filled with restless.


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