Kids 'circus plays Ilan"dream space is born! UNIQLO power

"Orchid Castle Jing Ying Hong Silks Place Yilan Cirques Place Yilan"、2011Since、An adult concept that focuses on the kids ' families from the modern routes, renewal with change、Now as a family-friendly hotel has a big break、8-UNIQLO was the 9th floor、And refurbished as a children's playground of luxury car go kart circuit and "Castle," Fantasy (fantasy castle).、Hotels in popular and children.

The entire floor turns into the circuit Park and go to UNIQLO、For children who visit the dream world!

Electric mini、Ferrari and Lamborghini、Porsche started.、Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz、Continues partnership with Volkswagen、Last 出揃imasu of great models as well!

And then! Surprisingly、There is a new "Maserati (Maserati) "Of SUV" Levante (Levante)) "in addition to a dignified appearance、What! With "Alfieri Maserati concept cars (Alfieri).

The last time、"Currently out of order" and received sad news Maserati、Can totally see there is、And I have scheduled car and concept car is a surprise! For high fidelity form and functional quality of excitement yaranu falls into the State、While I enjoyed photo sessions! (Laughs) to suppress the feelings you can do if you're hoping to get、Mini tow side took a picture!

Take this Maserati、And children run happily to find、"It's good selection! "And applause envious!

Is the amusement park named "Castle," Fantasy (fantasy castle)"in the hotel courtyard.、Expands the children's paradise! Square with giant sliders as the hotel original Robot anime ran Po (Rainbow) and bee anime Shida Shida (DoDo) giant trampoline! In the middle is "electric mini-car driving" may、Remember road signs and signals, rules to protect、To pass the test、Electric mini children's license will be issued.

In addition、Two floors are evolving、2016In July, new facilities on the ground floor open to "Wow Wow Land"、Rose people are powerups!

"Wow Wow land.、And parent/child space, guests can enjoy free of charge during your stay、3Two themes available!

1One eye as a WOW SHOW、There was a theater of parents and children in 17 seats、Day 13:30~、16:30~、20:00And with a running time of 3、It aired a Disney movie and animation!

2One eye as a WOW BAR、Who made the cowboy themed bar is.、Various soft drinks and snack foods, such as will be provided!

While you drink、Playing in the game was set on the table "pirate" or "crocodile game"!

Enjoy the drawing monitor big-screen a colorful sketch!

Select the background of the photo album, shoot and "photobooth"、Or print it out and、As well as children、It is a space to adult CHOW!

3One eye as "WOW LOFT.、On the stairs up to the upper floor、Children's room in the attic like is spread.、You can freely play with toys provided by、It is exactly what the world of dreams for kids is there!

Shining eyes and glitter、To the laughter of children echoed in the momentum it reached to heaven、There were adults who enjoy trying to photograph children's growth、It is a very nice space taxis from children to adults, enjoying!

Wow Wow Land
Hours of operation:9:00-11:00、13:00-21:45

Silks Place Yilan
Ran Jing Ying hotel (Silks Place Yilan)
Location:No.36, Sec. 2, Minquan Rd., Yilan City

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2018/4/19Taiwan travel /Silks Place Ilan Orchid Vol.1


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