Arrived at Taoyuan International Airport! Transportation to the hotel recommended taxi Charter!

In the gateway of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan "TaiwanTaoyuan International unit at Taoyuan International Airport."To seeChina Airlines"The 3-hour-25-minute flights departing、Arrived safely without delays and 21:00 55 at night as planned!

"Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport"From the left"Airlines' flights will Bowing737、Business class is limited and 8 seats。This aircraft will share monitor、Movies will be aired would beat the positioning is a shame。This film's latest film "Jumanji/welcome to jungle"! While Government in-flight meals、About cinema 1、Oh that while Taiwan is!

The Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport、24For the time opening up airport、At this time many more visitors! Taiwan in mid-April it is cool、The day temperature is 19 ° c.。Thin coat is needed!

This is the second day of the stay、Fun way to explore efficient "one day taxi tour ' reserved and、Chen Wei good (Terry) speak at the taxi driver to get along Japan's going to came to the airport to pick you up!

Last year 2017 in March、Through the Taoyuan International Airport and Taipei MRT (subway) was finally opened and、More is better、For large suitcases on trains and buses is quite inconvenient,、From airport hotels transportation、Taxi reservation (rates of Taoyuan to Taipei City:1,500TWD) is a pretty good idea!


Taoyuan airport taxi transfers : 1,500TWD

How to book
Phone : 0987-888-861LINE ID : wei49


In the airport lobby、"Possible roles like welcome to Taiwan" and signs written in the hands、Chen Wei good (Terry) welcomed me with a big smile and I!

In the car、Wei r. Chen (Terry) who drive while listening, the theme song of the drama of Japan became a trigger to Japan to learn!

Japan drama so popular with Taiwan people.

This time、Hotels in Taipei City will take care on the first day "amba Taipei Zhongshan"To run fast、Car is arriving in 40 minutes!

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2018/4/15Taiwan trip-Shizuoka airport from Taoyuan International Airport.


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