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"The LALU" Boutique shop , such as Taiwanese specialties and Toyama of traditional crafts are aligned



Sun Moon LakeThe lakeside resort hotel nestled on the shores of
"The LALU"The 8th floor of A building corridor、
And the open terrace overlooking the Lake、
Are there "Boutique Shop' There!


Here you will、From the works of world famous designers、
Hotel original products、Sells a variety of items selected.


With lunch PR ManagerJennie KuoYou were speaking、
Really in Toyama "Syouryu / Yoshinori Shimatani"of
Tin machine "Tin Paper"Sold! (Surprise! )


In addition、Also active in the Toyama
"NOUSAKU"In several pieces and sold、Indescribably beautiful woman is marginal.


Traditional crafts of the Taiwan's introduction、Ironing Board designs.


Not to mention finding gifts for friends、
Sun Moon LakeIn the as memories、Looking for gifts for yourself too!


Became concerned at the boutique、
Musical instruments produce a sound like the sound of the waves sounds like rain "Rain stick」!


Stick to gently up and down while shaking and、Zazaa……Zazaa…..And healing a quiet sound.


At lunchtime we seeBlack Tea (one tea 18 No. "Ruby")"As the Taiwan tea and tea
Sold in packages of the hotel original、Design is nice。
Speaking of the Taiwan tea、Will be served to all the guests here "Taiwan tea free trial ticket"And then use the、
Next to the "The Tea Shop", So I think we'll have tasting、
There will be introduced later.


Many products in the Taiwan, fashionable bottling and packaging、
I enjoy a little gift!



Here you will、Would be in all the world!

Location:No. 142, Zhongxing Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
TEL: 049-285-5311

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"The LALU" Luxury modern Lake View suite facing the lake "The LALU" "Pool Side Tea House" Where the fragrant Taiwan tea and dim sum can enjoy
"The LALU" Luxury modern Lake View suite facing the lake
"The LALU" "Pool Side Tea House" Where the fragrant Taiwan tea and dim sum can enjoy


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