"The LALU" Luxury modern Lake View suite facing the lake


Sun Moon LakeThe lakeside resort hotel nestled on the shores of
"The LALU"。
Here is that once the former PresidentChiang Kai-shekThe Villa is、
Has been used as a place to invite to come visit the vacation or Taiwan Foreign Minister。
After that、Village forest Group CEOLai Chang-yiAnd then get the right、
Over about five years, and renovation、2002Plays a long-awaited opening in March。
Hotel、Australia's world renowned architectural designerKerry HillResponsible design、
The design theme "simple" and "Zen" concept
"The tree"、"Stone"、"Glass"、Four of the "iron" is a modern first class hotel consisting of materials.


BeautifulSun Moon LakeAt the front counter in the background, with a sense of。


The staff at the front desk、Basic、The English and Chinese language、
Staff Japan also 3-4 people or so have been engaged in for、
Don't worry about the language。
Beside the front lobby lounge provides、
Usually there is 15:00From the welcome tea, while check-in occurs、
This is loom cel check-in!


This time the、Reception staff speak JapanSara Liuis
Will guide you to the room.


Going quietly down the hallway of A hotel room、
Is green from the wooden frame was provided on the side of healing.、
Ansuko mate was designed as blindfold has offered private feeling.


This room is in Room 6-1615
"Lake View Suite' At the loom cel check-in!


"Lake View Suite"

The hotel suites and rooms 96、
Divided into two types: Lakeview rooms and courtyards phrviratype、
All rooms will be Lake。
31 square meters of space to relax for 2 double rooms
"Lake View Suite"。
Relaxing living spaces are spread in front of、
Side bus space with bed space and provides、
Open the entire crate glass Windows、
There is wide spread with lake view balcony are equipped with.


In a simple and modern design with timeless style、
And felt a change、Will show with real design!


Material is、Uses mainly wood, stone and iron and glass、Decorated with designs to blend into nature、
In the corner room on both sides only、Design wall with a strong presence and a stone wall。
And exceptionally foot sofa with Ottoman、
Prepare the sofa with cylinder cushion relieves pressure on the lower back or legs、
And provides relaxing moments.


In the spacious bass space、Great place to prepare.、
Independent shower booth on the right、On the left worry about bidet toilet。


Washbasin is provided with double sinks、
And with Phalaenopsis orchids with symmetry、Staff original staff!


Prepare shower Rainshower fixed and movable shower for drawer type 2、
Is familiar with Japanese who rain shower。
Float bath salts in the bath、You can relax after a trip while enjoying the lake view。
Also、Listen to this bath tray、Half also reaped the reading time to indulge!


Bedroom was spacious with King size beds available。
American brands has been used mattresses、To sleep!


Wood carving art can feel natives verve and vitality to the stone walls and hung、Kumamoto city。


In the room、Is the fireplace be real fire with one button.、
Enjoy a moment of quiet while watching a soft flame!


You will also enjoy the tea on the veranda bed provided a good。
On the balcony there the mosquito coils and candles、17:-Between the 19:30 and turn、
When you set housekeepers.


The hotel's design emphasize the aspect of the design to、
Next to the Lake、Designed to be taller than the mountain image。
Accommodates the crate to the left and right、Can be a good vantage point by opening up the landscape.


Sun Moon LakeFor a small island floating alone in the Middle、"Lalu Island"It is。
It would be because there are also other mountains map at the front.


Loom cel check-in and check out, show me your Passport。
You need something until the fourth front.


She Japan Japanese a very good reception staffSara LiuSays。
She is、And 2-year study in Taiwan Japan、
Also has experience of the work for one year in Japan Tokyo、Speaks very fluent Japan language。
At that time、Because your age that another 80-year-old landlady in Tokyo、
For now, is going to put their landlady where every year it seems are heading to the Japan。
Sara LiuMonths in conversations、
At the next destinationHualianIn talking with、"Hualian is where the very sea good clean!"And let me know!
By chance、Smile gleaming on the breast of her batch tend to fruition、
Summer holidays and July-August "Monthly smile"And it will、
"Very good staff"During select events that、
All staff on the chest with smile batch、Delivers a smile like the Sun!
Ballot boxes are placed on the front、Can anyone vote for guest during the period。
And、Stunning gift is passed to the 1st smile staff。
Who deliver the smile of mightySaraChan、What was the result?!


Taiwan tea room provided some tee times。
Is lit in the fireplace real flame flickering and I watched, very nice!


Hotels in peace to spend some quiet moments。


Without doing anything、Resting heart、Enjoy every time just quietly flowing
Seem to have adults in the hotel!


Lying on the sofa、Leisure time we released my heart feel。


Welcome message is written on the TV monitor、
You're welcome!


Still in the room become mandatory background music、NO MUSIC, NO LIFE.It is。
To listen to the music of healing systems provided in the room、Spend a quiet moment.


You might want to surpass the summer heat is to relax in the room!


Surrounded by natural air to the、It is recommended in the veranda.


Sun Moon LakeWhile chasing in the eyes to run through and pleasure boats、
Enjoy the coolness in the feel of the surface of the water.


No one can envySun Moon LakeThe resort hotel "The LALU"At the moment。
Taiwan tour expert、
Would one want to visit by all means!

Location:No. 142, Zhongxing Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
TEL: 049-285-5311

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