"HOTEL JUNE" Semi order style buffet lunch at the hotel's restaurant and bar


Of Taiwan's famous tax-free shops "EVERRICH DUTY FREE SHOP"of
"EVERRICH, Taiwan Ltd."Hotels will be operated"Hotel June"The、
And all dining restaurant and bar on the ground floor including breakfast semi-aderstylubuffet。
Features an open kitchen, and a natural wood taste space、
ChefBen HuProvided creative Italian produce.


To counter the Central salad bar and appetizers、Provides a dessert buffet and a variety of colors.


Colorful salad bar


There are also hot and cold appetizers!


Phthisis dessert buffet


Hotel and Central Asia at the Taipei-based Taiwan people、
Has been working as a gourmet critic "Eagle"To tell you about、
Is this day together with hotel specials you for lunch!


Amuse Ben special

ChefBen HuWe recommend the special a muse、
Prosciutto wrapped in ham and cheese bread, fried crispy fried and
Banana wrapped in bacon, and sauteed、Sweet daycare was afterall is the amuse enjoy bite-sized!


"Sakura Dried Shrimp and Crab Fettuccine with Tofu Cream Sauce"
(Dry shrimp and crab fettuccine with tofu cream sauce)
500TWD (Japan Yen:About 1800 yen)

Dry Shrimp Fried savory、And use with plenty of crab meat、
The flavor of the base filled with fettucine (Fettuccine)、
Served with whipped cream with a smooth tofu cream sauce!


"Baked Tortilla with Parma Ham,Apple and Cheese"
(Prosciutto di Parma and Apple mozzarelacrispiarpizza)
570 TWD (Japan Yen:About 2050 yen)

Sweetness and refreshing acidity of Apple joined the saltiness of the Prosciutto di Parma、
These thick mozzarella well pieced together from countless combinations and、
Is the pizza with crispy type where you can enjoy the crispy texture.


"U.S.D.A Prime,Rib Eye Wet Age Steak"
(American industrial prime rebwettageing steak)
990TWD (Japan Yen:About 3560 yen)

ChefBen HuSteak with wettageing the Prime Rib of America、
Surface is firm and crispy baked finish、Guests can enjoy the flavor and texture was moist and rich flavor。
Were served with grilled vegetables and garlic、
Liking will lose salt or Dijon mustard.



As dessert from the sweets taste many types you can choose。
A smooth green tea pudding with azuki beans and chocolate cake、And strawberry roll、
Phthisis so guests can enjoy a little by little.



Lunch with drinks on the set、
Coffee、Tea、Green tea、You can choose from fruit juices。
And choice of juice this time、
"Watermelon、Star fruit、Apple、Orange "of the received a delicious juice!


While you are enjoying your meal、Madame cost of odd's friendsKaren ChangAnd you meet by chance.、
What、Introduced last time "Alexander’s Steakhouse Taipei"TheKaren ChangThe introduction and I heard!
Became a favorite restaurant in Taipei "Alexander's Steakhouse」!
As you will find here really thanks so much!Xie Xie,Karen!


At the end of the chefBen HuAndEagleAndKaren ChangWith photo!
Thank you for the great time ♪ (Xie Xie!)

Hotel June
Location:No. 1, Alley 34, Lane 123, Section 6, Minquan E Rd, Neihu District, Taipei City,

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