"Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung" Facility introduction and Matsui Kigyo "Shikekinu" of traditional Japanese crafts to GM presentation!


KaohsiungThe centrally located and、Design hotel was opened, renovated old hotel
"Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung"。
Japanese architectYamane KakuThe idea、
The façade was designed entirely glass、And the welcome evening、Decorated with colorful lights and、
Has become a landmark along the banks of the Love River and fantastic light、Which attract the eye.


On the walls of the reception counter at the back "Pin"The design of characters。
Chateau de Chine KaohsiungNow、All around us "Pin"Are painted designs、
Pleasant blot found in treasure hunting when there!


Before heading out to the tours、Chateau de Chine KaohsiungOf which served as a General Manager
Kevin YenThe received will greetings!
The hotel tour、Marketing & Of Public RelationsSarah HsuAnd、
The Assistant Supervisor Sales DivisionSally HuangAnd、
The captain ReceptionJoey Yang
It will be!


We have、This time of lade[Traditional handicrafts of Japan to travel the silk series]As、
Toyama Prefecture Nanto boasts a history of over 140 years in the city "Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd."The traditional handicraft"Barge silk mat"And
"SILK Fairy for Bath"Palais de Chine HotelFor we introduce to you!
We will introduce youMatsui silk weaving co.,ltd.Of the product、With excellent local products Japan should be proud "The Wonder 500"Also has been elected、
The other day、"Taiwan Design Expo 2015"But published in the exhibition
"Johanas"The silk and company。

Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd.Handle "Barge silk"、2Three silkworm weaves together power
Woven with miracle dupioni[Crystal of love of two]Give birthIs a great fabric come。
Before you travel to Taiwan from Japan、Japan celebrates traditional crafts of Japan-Taiwan relations better[Marriage]As possible.、
You choose the products, we have been awarded。

Silk shot so delicate yet dignified strength and presence、Bring the sense of sheer, soft and light "Barge silk"The place mats。
And、Enjoy the scent of cherry blossoms "SILK Fairy for Bath"The、
In a deep sea water of Toyama Bay and containing minerals make skin moist、Guests can enjoy beauty and skin!
Intelligent and handsomeKevin YenThe、White mat is very cute、
To heal the hard work of staff、
Enjoy the scent of cherry blossom silk bath salts in addition to white, let beautiful!


GM'sKevin YenFrom、"LDC Hotels & Resorts Group"Who built the original,
In Italy "Chardonnay"We have! (Xie Xie! Kevin! )
Though full of mineral、Guests can enjoy a soft flavor excellent balance of taste.


In one of the hotel's charm is decorated using light and artistic decoration、
Lobby height decorated with large Crystal rocks are 6 m、
On the walls、The production of glass and lighting、1Expands the world of light changes color each time!


We changed from a combination of green and red combination of purple and pink。
That changes color changes only in the image.


Before rock crystal、A hawk's perch、Chinese "Hongyan guest"Represents the、
Means fun bunch having many guests from all over!




Chateau de Chine KaohsiungOf the owner、In the art collector、
In the hotel、You can discover works of art!


Japan restaurant in the ground floor "Pin"Now、
Sushi every day using fresh ingredients direct from the fishing and
Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki at chef's soup and sauce、
Japan dishes is all you can eat and enjoy!

Pin Japanese Restaurant
The ground floor
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:00-14:00 / Dinner 17:00-21:00


Sukiyaki set!


Counter with sushi!


Aburi sushi is popular in Taiwan!


Marketing & Of Public RelationsSarah HsuAnd、
The Assistant Supervisor Sales DivisionSally HuangThe two speak to Japan、
The captain ReceptionJoey Yang
The support in English、
KaohsiungThe personality is as bright as a man, so cheerful、Is the atmosphere do not bear the laughter from beginning to end.


Dim sum on the 3rd floor of hotel "Harbour capital Brown building"Now、In the bustling store full of Chinese color、
Guests can enjoy a taste of traditional Cantonese cuisine has continued over tens of years。
Lively、Serving dishes and various Dim sum and carried in a wagon.

Harbour Cantonese Restaurant
On the 3rd floor of hotel
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:00-14:00 / Dinner 17:00-21:00


The lounge bar on the 7th floor of the hotel provides。
The exclusive Executive floor VIP Lounge opened at the time and had、
Is now available for all hotel guests becomes possible。
every day、16:00To 18:00The 'Happy hour"And then、5Cocktails and wine、
Taiwan beer、Soft drinks and snack foodsAll you can drink free of chargeThe guests can enjoy!


The captain ReceptionJoey YangTo
"Feel free to enjoy the many guests it is!"And we have recommended.


Also on the 7th floor with compact size while、Business Center also provides、
PC、Printer、Newspapers、Magazine、Are equipped with free Internet access.


In the basement as a health center、Jogging man scene or scenes bike mat、
Equipped with up-to-date facilities, such as horseback scenes、Guests is available free of charge.

Health center
Basement 1
Opening hours:7:00To 22:00


Hotel 5th floor、The staircase Theater type boasts a floor space of 100 square meters rooms
"Cosmic Theater"Provides a、276You can put your name。
It is suitable for large lectures and conference space。
Equipped with the latest facilities、Please support the progress of the Conference.


In the basement、Multi-functional conference rooms and reception、Imposes a swanky Club.


6th floor to bring Chinese dishes "Spring Pavilion"The、
And banqueting service as well as for wedding receptions and private dining.

Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung
Location:No. 43, Daren Rd, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City

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