Let's walk the Kaohsiung city to tourist destination development proceeds with a focus on the water, such as the Love River!


"Lotus Pond"After exploring the region、
"Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung"The car
Kaohsiung CityWe will guide。
Kaohsiung CityThe、And the second located in the southern Taiwan city、
Has a large industrial area、Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan's largest international has developed as a commercial port。
Getting centered on the waterfront tourist development.、And enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the city、
Fresh seafood is a popular one.


As the last station of the Japan rule age famous famousOld Kaohsiung StationThe、1941It was built in the year、
We are using design make Japanese-style roof on the "Imperial Crown" style called Western classical architecture。
The complete newKaohsiung railway stationTransferred to the machine、
Now、Has become a Museum、
It is possible to visit the United States until the year 2017, the spring of next year。
After that、Old Kaohsiung StationThe、NewKaohsiung railway stationThe will be moved as an entrance!


Become a transfer station of the sinsing district, Kaohsiung City, Kaohsiung marine luck red lines and Tachibana
"Formosa Boulevard station"The、2008September 14, has been opened。
Formosa Boulevard stationThe name says、1979December 10thTaiwanShook
Of the democratization movement"Formosa Boulevard incident"From named。
Beautiful design depicting the curves in glass reinforced frame that attract the eye.


"Formosa Boulevard station"The、11You've got way out of place、
Japan architectShin TakamatsuIs responsible for the design。
The underground crossing of the red line and Tachibana、
Station of 140 meters in diameter in the world in the second and a large circular underground、
Is famous for brightly colored stained-glass windows of public art.

Immediately、"Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung"of
Marketing & Of Public RelationsSarah HsuAnd
The front desk staffEvelyn Chiung-Yi HuangOn the let tour.


Crowned as the "world's most beautiful station" # 2 "Formosa Boulevard station"。
On the ceiling of the underground、
In the stained glass artist in ItalyMaestro Narcissus QuagliataBy representing the prayer and、
The number of stained glass Windows、What 4500 consists、1Paste each one by hand、
Spent 4 years in the whole process
"The Dome of Light"And watch a beautiful piece entitled!


Around the station、"Liuhe Night Market' , 'Emerging markets"、"Nanhua sightseeing store street light' , 'Marriage gauze Street"Such as and、
Guests can enjoy sightseeing and shopping。
"Formosa Boulevard station"Of one exit soon famous spring coiling specializes"Third spring coiling"。
On store shelves already are many restaurants, crowded!


Over the counter.、Soup with order.、Mothers cleanly spring winding up.。
Is make to order。
Also up in the skin and click the、He got plenty of vegetables、Pork、Incense bowel、Beans dried、And so on the peanut powder、
Spring fastened around the winding is pretty big! (Surprise! )
Enjoy crisp semisweet sauce texture and flavor and the winding recommended was.


Straddle of the Love River "Chiang Kai-shek bridge"The、1931In a wooden structure built in the、
New to the 1/1992 bridge long time 92 m、Has been rebuilt in bridge availability level 40 m size。
Click hereChiang Kai-shek bridgeExceed、Chateau de Chine KaohsiungThat will be soon!


Chiang Kai-shek bridgeFrom suggestsLove River
Pour in the Taiwan Strait, flows through the center of the Kaohsiung City、16.4 kilometers flows through the southern part of Taiwan's rivers。
Good day sight、In the nice atmosphere of the glittering neon lights at night are also、
Absolutely love River is one of the popular attractions.


TaiwanThe Park was built to commemorate the 228 incident of the first "228 Peace Memorial Park"The、
And full of green grass and trees、And the well-deserved citizen leisure。
Here is、Built with a contemporary landscape architecture "228 Peace Memorial" Is!


"228 Peace Memorial Park"The、
This hotelChateau de Chine KaohsiungTo become a peace Park next to each other、
Would be good to explore areas.

Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung
Location:No. 43, Daren Rd, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City

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