"Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung" Lounge bar of free cocktails to enjoy in happy hour !


KaohsiungThe centrally located and、Design hotel was opened, renovated old hotel
"Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung"The prepared on the 7th floorThe lounge bar
The exclusive Executive floor VIP Lounge opened at the time and had、
Is now available for all hotel guests becomes possible。
Every night 20.:30To 22:00The 'Happy hour"And then、5Cocktails and red and white wines、
Taiwan beer, including 5 kinds of beer、Soft drinks and snack foodsAll you can drink free of chargeThe guests can enjoy!

The lounge bar (hotel guests only)
7th floor of the hotel
Opening hours:07:00To 22:00
Happy hour:16:00To 18:00


Spacious and、The dark lounge、
And counter seats were fitted with TV monitor、
There are sofa seats where you can enjoy a relaxing time!


You can choose from 5 cocktails、From a very personal place that can
Of the staffChiu Chiu ChenIn order to、To make handshake!


To counter、Coffee and soft drinks、
Snacks are available、This will be self service。
Magazine is also freely available.


Ice also enjoy hot!


Tea bags and snack!


All soft drinks are free!


Gin and tonic、Cuba River、Vodka Ricky、
Screw driver、Is provided, such as the Bulldog cocktail.


Cocktails 5 types available!


Taiwan beer and Sprite!


Snack foods and prepared foods bread!


By shaking the snap cleanly staffChiu Chiu Chen
Free cocktailsIn the shake! (Surprise! )


"Gin and tonic" and "Bulldog"

The Gin base "Gin and tonic"And vodka-based"Bulldog"We have!
Refill is free "Would you like another drink?"With us loveseat gentle voice。
Free serviceIt is also available、Lounge bar during happy hour is very busy!


With a cocktail of whipped cream pampering、With a relieved breath and invites the sleepiness。
Of course it is also non-alcoholic、You can enjoy free snacks provided!
Trump brought in during、Be entertained in the family game、There were relaxed.

Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung
Location:No. 43, Daren Rd, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City

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