Silk sprays stand South skilled chefs bake "ROBIN's Grill & iron skillet.


Conveniently situated in the historic town of Tainan at proclivities you can experience world class hospitality on
"Silks Place Tainan"The first floorRegent Taipei Renowned restaurant
"ROBIN's Grill & Teppan"Enter、Buzz。
Here you will、Utilizing the deliciousness of materials carefully selected high-quality beef and seafood、
Skilled chefs are served with a charcoal grill or griddle-cooked.


On this day、Dear friends of Tainan and the restaurant had served for、
Office ManagerKaren LinAnd Office staffIvan WuThe gave us!


TainanOf and a very good friend、Tomo LinMr. said.、
Many of the famous restaurant in Taiwan visited us
Organic vegetables grown order "Enegy House Agricultural Cooperatives"The owner farmer is。
Your edge and、TomoAnd I'm the invited、The meeting enjoyed the teppan yaki dinner!
TomoMr. cheerful personality of public and private together with a good Director inEdward ChenIntroduction、
A smart gentleman F&B ManagerHsieh Ted
The natural character is humorous, Executive Sous-ChefChiChai WuWith photo's!


ROBIN's Grill & TeppanThe、And all seats 150 seats、
In that、Skilled chef to show off in front of cooking
Teppan-yaki counter with seating is limited and 50 seats.


Center counter、Includes salad bar made of locally grown vegetables and organic vegetables、
Colorful peace、Guests can enjoy just like delicious organic vegetables safely。
Actually,、From this 4/2016TomoIs it the adoption of organic vegetables and、
The other day、It just was a big Hotel Ballroom party!
Including many unusual vegetablesTomoAnd it's organic vegetables are already called buzz、Seems to be very popular.


To have complexion.、Leaves are lushly vibrant vegetables has。




As well as the salad bar、And a variety of fruit、
In addition to the dinner、ハーゲンダッツのアイスクリームや


ROBIN's Mann dining


There are four brick walls covered private、4Name-6 persons will be available Teppanyaki.


Private living room, each with the wine regions of France、
There are altogether four separate rooms.


Private roomChampagneAt、
Chef's kitchen dinner while enjoying the skilled chef Teppanyaki show。
TomoWho will you order the specials.


Supplying organic vegetables grown
"Enegy House Agricultural Cooperatives"The owner farmerTomo LinAnd (51 years old),、
Engaged in trade and commerce between the food in、
To love your wife's health "Vegetables delicious, safe"Referred to as goal started farm。
Now, 160-180 rare varieties of vegetables, including、Manages a vast five-field、
TomoIs it of vegetables throughout the year various brought by love is filled with natural farming。
Taiwan's leading hotels and restaurants、Also、And major department stores, including supplying vegetables。
Click here、Silk sprays Tainan is one of its suppliers。
Japan's Hokkaido and Shizuoka Center visiting many relatives and friendsTomoMr. a、
Can speak well in Japan, to be helpful.


Staff provide compassionate attentive serveErrol JiangOf tenderness and filled with love、
It is cosy and warm hospitality with a cheerful smile of his and air flow。
Please seeErotic-CHAN"And please call (laughs)


"ALRHA MONTES Cabernet Sauvignon 2012" Casablanca Valley, Chile

Montes,、4In the vineyards of Chile, bringing together professionals who built up、
Has gained a great reputation as a producer of Chile's highest。
Montes Alpha series、The best grapes aged in French oak barrels more than a year, and built、
Now we now enjoy from aged full-bodied wine with。
Showered praise of Chilean wine as well as wine.、One of its attractions is splendor of cost performance。
Dark Ruby color with、Characterized by rich aroma of vanilla and ripe Berry and Cassis。
Guests can enjoy a very rich fruitiness with firm body!


"Robin’s Salad"

From the salad bar was set up at the main counter、
TomoWho will be dished up plenty of growing organic vegetables!
And with Herb dressing sauce、Aroma rich。
Red Greens in the salad with mustard、Swiss chard、Arugula on Taiwan bean、Red-core radish、Beats the Lotus seed、Put the banana chips、
Fresh and crunchy crisp because of what、I'm looking forward to, and fried after the freeze in、
Feels the rich flavor of the vegetables in a different flavor!


As well as in the salad bar several side dishes includes、
Marinated chicken-ham salad and organic vegetables、Roast pork and asparagus、
Patty with mustard、Finocchio marinade, served with broiled swordfish with fresh taste。
Appeared in the daily different menus!
Choy wanted it on the wine a little at a time、Better at the plate, and enjoy!


Red and Wong、This beautiful colorful tomatoes with green、TomoWho is cherry tomatoes are grown!
(Note:I introduces the course and no matter what)
TomoIs it the farm、Currently more than approximately 20 species of tomato varieties alone has grown。
Green calyx is warping up upwards to Cup is a sign of freshness!
Through Peel tomatoes so ready to be popped、
That ass heart out behind a radial muscle are sweet and tasty。
Delicious tomato is sinking into water!
TomoIs of very high Brix produce tomatoes 8-10 degrees and、Sweet, juicy and very tasty!


"Cajun Seasoned Crab Chowder"

The luxurious Chowder with crab and corn、
Wearing a scent of Cajun spices taste rich, rich!
Advance、Artfully with croutons、Baguette、Celery、Pour the soup from the side of the cut cheese、
Finally sprinkle black pepper、The dish looks very picturesque and entertaining。
Adds texture and crunchy to creamy, thick soup、Guests can enjoy a flavorful taste.


"Scallop with Lemon Butter and Tomato"

2 l of the Hokkaido scallops and sautéed to medium-rare、
Enjoy the smell and sour taste with lemon butter sauce。
Under the scallop risotto.、By serve on sliced dried mullet roe、
Further deep taste and enjoy!


This time、A chef who owns a cooking served in the chef's kitchenClaus WangAnd I (age: 32)。
After a French restaurant in Taiwan during the 17-year-old learned about four years France cuisine
Enter the path of the teppan-yaki、9Spend the years。
In the restaurant、Tokyo luxury teppan-yaki "Ukai-Tei"And
Years has been held several times collaboration event。
The chefsUkai-TeiFrom recipes to learn、
Has been uchideshi daily supply with better quality ingredients.


In a vivid color lobster Saute!


Braising in white wine!


Finishing the gravy!


"Half Maine Lobster with Lamb Gravy and Root"

The lobster was half to a preppy、
Lamb bones from soup to take、Will sauce flavored with truffle gravy。
Create accented with scent of fresh rosemary、
Sweet and spicy shrimp、Enjoy with the texture of the asparagus and young corn.


Picked out young corn fresh、"That, ate raw?"And listenTomoSan。
You are almost always ripoffs intact stems from skin soft and with a bearded young corn、
Amazing sweet strongly felt so soft if you fancy、Sweet to the beard、The fact that Hari is fresh taste!
In the raw is so sweet、Doubles the sweetness even if you light the fire put it.


"Daily Fresh Catch Fish with Marinnated Peppers"

The fish and sauteed Red Snapper skin surface to Calipari、
Marinated in garlic oil paprika beneath the Red sea bream、Above served with Mesclun。
Feel the soft, gentle sweetness by wearing thick plump grilled red snapper.


Entrees steak started baking!
Once trapped gravy hot plate、Please medium rare was burning.


Surface in hot crispy and savory!


Locks in the flavor and the gravy!!


Cut in bite-size!


"U.S Prime Rib Eye Cap 6oz with Chimichurri"

And change the cutlery to entrees、
Wrapped in the scent of various trees "Château Laguiole"The steak knife to each select preferences。
Her husband, rosewood、I selected Jennifer scent!
American fine rib eye steak、In the source originated in Argentina、
Coriander or parsley、Garlic、And spices and chopped、Mix in olive oil、
Happy with your choice, with spicy chimichurri。
Wong carrot、Purple carrot、Turnip、Also the roasted potatoes and finished in hoc hoc、Is a sweet rich flavor!


Rose color with exquisite lighting!


3Kinds of sauce in your favorite flavor!


Fragrant chimichurri!


"Sher Wagyu 9+ Rib Eye 5 oz"

Australia produced overflowing juice and foaming and biting WAGYU rib-eye steak!
Is good for enjoying the flavor in homemade garlic mayonnaise、
Put garlic sauteed golden brown and served with salt and simply feels the sweet meat。
For the snow peas were served with was exactly in time of the season、Sweetness are amazing!


Advance、鉄板でスクランブルエッグを仕上げ、We were talking about egg in the rice stir alignment、
2By using the egg kind of fluffy texture of eggs and
In the coated eggs with rice、Has a nutty sauce finally finish!


Scrambled eggs!


2Eggs of the species difference in the texture!


Put onion、In the fragrant fried rice!


"Dry Scallop Fried Rice & Lobster Broth"

Unlike garlic rice offers the teppan-yaki in Japan、


"Lobster Broth"

Tomato soup made with fresh tomato and lobster extract from levitating with lobster claw。
Complemented by using brandy and deep flavor.


"Seasonal Vegetables"

And selection of seasonal vegetables at that time, provided。
娃々 vegetable flavor condensed as gugun (I made hot) and shiitake mushroom spread foaming with flavor you、
And happy sweet hoc hoc potato!


The end of the course as a special wagon service、
As Executive Pastry ChefDelcourt LaurentOf produce
The selection of desserts、Will be dishing up plate.


Madeleine, Marshmallow、Canele、Vanilla cookies、Financier、
Diamond cookies、Chocolate jelly、Colorful macarons and more pastries!


Madeleine、Canele、Chocolate jelly、Mango Marshmallow、
The colorful macarons、Strawberry、Basil、Pistachio、
Chocolate & yuzu citrus flavor、Chocolate & passion fruit, such as、
Fresh flavors come together!
Taste various pastry the coffee!


"Coffee or Tea"

Once you give a latte、Drew a big heart!


Senior management as well as the experiences of life in which on the farmerTomo.、
With the same feeling and tastesTomoWith the fun dinner was that during which。
After this、4th floor hotel bar "Glass House"In the
Female General ManagerRebecca LeeFor the meeting was、TomoMs. head out together.

ROBIN's Grill & Teppan
The ground floor
TEL:+886 6 390 3010
Hours of operation:Breakfast 6:30-10:30、Lunch 12:00-14:00、Dinner 18:00To 22:00

Silks Place Tainan
Location:No. 1, Heyi Rd, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 6 213 6290

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