"Silks Place Tainan" Cantonese cuisine "Silks House" Gravy full of roasted cherry duck course!


Tainan ancient capitalThe conveniently central position preferences you can experience world class hospitality on
"Silks Place Tainan"。
In a sobering light sparkle and undergoing a fascinating night.


Silks Place TainanThe second floor、
Offer based on Cantonese Chinese cuisine "Silks House"And、
Of the master chefStephen LoAs a result、
Will enjoy Cantonese cuisine utilizing local ingredients including Hong Kong S.A.R. style dim sum dining!


Shop、Modern lattice filled with calm colours、
Expands the main dining room to the left and right。
And deeper into the、5Private rooms (100 million-vehicle procuratorial、Plum procuratorial、Orchid procuratorial、Bamboo procuratorial、Chrysanthemum procuratorial) is available to each、
It is possible to spend private moments!


Main dining room seats、4Seven-seat round table is provided and the name tables、
It is possible to stay for persons.


At this time, this spacious room、yilanThe full Cherie duck
"Roast Cherie duck seven courses"I'd like!
(Note:This course is upon reservation)


On this day、Office ManagerKaren Lin、The new Office staffIvan Wu
Marketing & Communications ManagerAriel YaoFor my daughter、
TainanSpend the evening listening to the information。
In Tainan established a famous pharmacy "Yishengtang"The herbal medicine"Song Chen pill"And、
"Mei Sheng Zhen preserves" Of "Irwin mango"、"Fan Wang Bo Anping Street preserves" Of "Dry mango"、
Incense mochi (rice cake stacking) etc etc、Tainan specialtyFor we have a lot of sweets! Xie Xie!
Heart with warm welcome Buri、TainanOf touching your warm personality, and we are thrilled!


As Japan is goodLukeHe owns a table。
2 people in the restaurant staff
Rest assured as well as Japan staff, meals are served.


"Never Ming tea"

Never Ming teaThe、And bad indigestion since ancient times known as a very good tea、Also called obtusifolia。
Is the vision of enhancing potency.、And it is said to be good to、
Also、Lowering the blood pressure.、Dizziness、Chronic flight lactating、Is effective in senile constipation。
Protect the heart and liver、Also get rid of the swelling effect if we look healthy, and better、
Will be in taste food while also easy-to-drink tea!


Yilan specialIn is the appearance of the with Cherie duck roast Cherie duck!
Will be responsible for the two men.


yilanThe Chery dock from the UK "Cerivalley species"The duck for、
"Cherry"In Basra, has been named。
Delicate in taste、There are particularly greasy enough to feel the sweet taste and flavor。
The total weight of 3.5 kg Cherie duck、That and a size suitable for roast duck!
Fluffy and savory finish.、Is a stunning glazed roast duck!


Good artistically good performance!


Roast duck with gravy!


It's a soft fleshy was part of the belly!


The duck you can enjoy an exciting table performance、
Is Beijing and Cantonese styles of cooking.、
This became the Cantonese style、Part of the Peel is thin、Guests can enjoy very fresh in a juicier flavor.


The roasted Duck was cut cleanlyKaoyapinIn a clock-wise fashion.。
Click hereKaoyapinThe、
Has been crowded mixing Leek of Japan、A nice scent、You can enjoy the sweetness of the onion!
KaoyapinSpread、Beside roast duck、
Ilan said Taiwan most delicious Samsung spring onion and cucumber into strips and、Along with the original sweet noodle sauce, rolled。
So dexterous hands、The camera does not catch up (laughs)


"Strip skin duck winding handicraft mochi"

Also I tried to clickKaoyapinThe onion flavor and sweetness、
Gravy roast duck foaming and flooding!
And the sweet and full-bodied original sweet noodle sauce
Taiwan oneAre said to be deliciousyilanThe Samsung leek、Texture of cucumber、Everything is integrated、
You feel delicious delights!


Japanese、English、Chinese were next and following a very lively dinner party!
TaiwanTo come, I think it is、The faces of the people overlooking the meals at round table、
Communication is easy to take、Also from the platter to share the same food boost conversation、
So much fun in a peaceful mood.


Karen in Japan to study hard!


Soft-spoken healing of Ariel!


Talented hardworking newcomer Ivan refreshing!


Director ofEdward ChenAnd
VIP Service Assistant DirectorJami ChouMe go to say hello!
Two similar atmosphere like a brother!
Leave the impression of a cheerful face、Truly a broad-minded and friendly are two people.


"Vegetable oil mixed with water lilies duck"

Taiwan's popular Lotus CHOY、In taiwangagabuta a perennial leaf、
Thin, long、Fewer quirks、Grow in water features crisp crunchy vegetables。
Lotus vegetable and plus with dry shrimp flavor、Delicious fried sauteed in duck oil!
This became a dish out of course、Included in the à la carte!


"Lettuce piece Duck Song"

Just duck duck coarsely chopped、Bamboo shoots、White Kwai、Carrot and leek
Sauteed together with Romaine lettuce wrap。
Ingredients wrapped in lettuce and eat、And only in the moist texture of the lettuce、
Delicious crisp texture、It is full of flavor as you fancy duck meat is delicious! (好吃! )
In the classic way to eat one of the favorite dish is roast duck dishes.


"Shredded Duck and taro spring rolls"

Unfried spring roll with Taro duck meat and soggy texture sweetish。
Spring Roll crunchy texture and the inside of moist feeling served!


"Vegetable Shredded Duck Kuanmiao surface"

Samsung Leek with duck meat sauce noodles、
Heita noodles like udon noodles、Enjoying the sweetness and texture of duck and green onion brand is.


"Spring onion, ginger fried duck frame"

Braised ginger with onion and Leek Samsung with bone-in duck into the Roundhouse, cut into chunks。
Order expanse with plenty of spicy flavor ginger、Alcohol count on good dish!


"Roasted duck meat drying rice"

A rich dish you over the duck meat minced, Soy Bean Casserole rice。
Teriyaki seasoning is perfect to accompany white rice!


"white gourd and Pearl barley with Duck Soup"

Speaking of course of roast duck、Finish soup full of flavor with the broth is served in!
Here is、While they were the flavor of the duck、
White gourd and Pearl barley with healthy to finish is a nice sweet taste.


"Taiwan fruit and Strawberry ice cream"

Finish in desserts and refreshing seasonal Taiwan fruit
Strawberry and pineapple、Cameron will be an Apple and strawberry sorbet.


In the diet、Female General Manager was out to greet
Rebecca LeeThe photo at all! Xie Xie!
yilanThe full Cherie duck
Roast cherry Dack is、7How to eat the types of offers a rich variety、
Around the round table everyoneIn the share with little by little while、
You can enjoy great meals for special course will be.

Silks House
Hotel 2nd floor
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:00、Dinner 17:30-21:30
TEL:+886 6 390 3020

Silks Place Tainan
Location:No. 1, Heyi Rd, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 6 213 6290

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