Kenting "Gloria Manor" Surrounded by nature boasts the best views the introduction of " Deluxe Room " !


Of Kenting "Gloria Manor"The、
"Coexistence with nature"Theme、To design care background harmony with nature
Taiwan's southernmost resort hotel。
From the hotel、KentingThe landmark also isMt. DajianSevere、
With lush green lawns courtyard and outdoor pool、You can enjoy the happy hour!


Early check-in on the first floor restaurant "MU LOUNGE"After you had finished lunch at the、
To your room, to take care of the staffJessica ChuCould you please guide!


In the Gloria manners、Room、To outdoor and fine "Coexistence with nature"In considering the concepts, and design、
Eco-friendly building materials utilization increased to more than 50%、
Using an effective environmental protection, non-toxic water-based lacquer paint、Been devoted to environmental protection.


Become a 3-storey building、The rooms are on the first floor-3、6Provide room type and、
All of the rooms offers 60 rooms with its compact size、Are filled with private。
In the basement floor 40 persons-150 provides a conference room that can accommodate、
Business is also available.


This time、Room to the 2302, "Deluxe Room" Is!


Open the door and、In shades of natural wood
Light and simple design in space。
On the right hand、There are closet、
His left hand at independent shower room and toilet with Washlet and a powder room、
Low step two-stage rise and lead to the rooms.


Hotel 2nd floor 2302 Deluxe Room

Vertical in the long building、Size is 40 m ² (12 Pyeong) and boasts a comfortable size、
A natural atmosphere abundantly poured natural light from the large Windows。
Boasting a luxurious location to set up elegant bathroom with a view at the window!


Go to the back of the room、As much as I leaked voice
Spreads are feeling good!
Bedroom and bath misread the height、Enjoy views from both eco-friendly and、
Decorated with nice atmosphere you can feel the nature possess enormous power to maximize。
Spacious sizeDouble bed (180 cm x 195 cm)The、Provide sidebar、
Sitting on the bed、While enjoying the views of the great outdoors with tea、Enjoy the rich!


In the bathtub "Justime"Using、While surrounded by nature、Guests can enjoy a relaxing bath。
There was a patio in the back of the room、Ideal for a little sunshine!


The view from the terrace、In the sky and lush、And the vast sea、In the lush green forestMt. DajianSevere、
While on a grand scale、A healthy wind took a deep breath.


View your current altitude is the simplicity of the switches mounted in the bed head、A nice consideration。
Reading before bed, etc、
Will be performing a penlight.


Mini Blackboard daily show sunset time!


The room service menu and snacks!


To recover from fatigue to bath salts!


And use bed head into limited space、Compact is、Living space。
As the equipment、37LCD TV、DVD player、
iPhone multi media player、Telephone、Equipped with free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.


LCD TV (37-inch)!


DVD player!


iPhone multi media player!


Water、Electric Kettle!


Cups and saucers and a glass!


Gloria ManorNow、For environmental protection、To avoid the use of plastic bottles、
Provides the original bottle per room!


Floor are placed every hallway in water、Pour the water needed here, let's use。
Click here for convenience in carrying the original bottle、Take home after your stay, it is OK!


In the closet、Have hanging paper wooden hanger and bird in the shape and form of clothes hanger rack。
Here you will、And written notices、
Paper bird、"Public space air temperature is kept at 26 ° C"And has been around、
In the paper dress、A hanger in the closet、Because LED lights are installed、
"Do not press the LED light directly wet clothes"And so we are careful、Your careful。
Provides an umbrella for rain!


Secure safe deposit boxes!


IRIS herbal slippers also got home OK!


Paper bags, laundry bags, shoehorn brush!


In the powder room、Enough toiletries and towels becomes complete.、
All mirrors and make-up mirror、Lamps-Lighting makeup effortlessly is!


Tsubaki guldsmeden items!


Olive oil organic soup!


Thick cozy bathrobes!


With independent Washlet toilets a chic dress。
In the back、There are separate shower room.


Marble shower room、Round overhead shower installed.


With a magnificent view、On a warm afternoon sun basking a little bit!
Perched on a terrace、Enjoy the fresh air and。
Sometimes hearing more birds and insects singing has always been pleasant and also。
Power of the natural environment in a national park is great!

Gloria Manor
No. 101, Gongyuan Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
TEL:+886 8 886 3666

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