National national father Memorial Museum Chinese revolutionary leader, known as the father of Taiwan Sun Yat, praise even established


Zhongshan Park、National father Memorial Hall entrance

Report of the national father Guo Memorial Hall (guoriiguofuujiiniennguann)The、Leader of Chinese modernization revolution in、In TaiwanFather of the nationBe referred to asYatOf achievement honor given、Handing down to posterity that was established。100Source tagsThe portrait alsoYatAppointed、Currently rated high respect from citizens。Here is、Loyalty and filial pietyAnd areaNobuyoshiConveniently located right in the middle of two major shopping areas、Stop horsing around andZhongshan ParkLocated in the.


National father HallOf the surroundingZhongshan ParkThe total area approximately410,000 square metersAnd in the vast、Bustling with young people who use the old man to do Tai Chi and street dance、Has become a place of recreation and relaxation for citizens。And surrounded by a lush willow and palm trees、Female Cafe at ikehata、Relaxing atmosphere!


A bronze statue of Dr. Sun Yat

Yat、1869 yearThe was born as the son of a farmer in the Qing dynasty Cantonese Ministry of incense mountains, Grand Hyung village (currently in mountain city)、And hold to revolutionary thought while studying medicine in the Hong Kong S.A.R. West Oriental Institute (the predecessor of the University of Hong Kong S.A.R.)、In the Portugal colony Macau S.A.R.DoctorPractice and。Foreign invaders to the resentment of Qing government and、From grief to the impoverished people、Revolution homeThe turnover。Hawaii、Yat formed a revolutionary organization, Japan、1912 yearThe became the spiritual leader of the Xinhai revolution、After the revolutionTemporary President of the Republic of ChinaIn the inaugural。Yat1905 yearThe basic principles of Chinese revolution announced in 'Wen (independence of the ethnic、Expansion of people's rights、Stability of the consumer)"The、In the basic principles of the current Taiwan Government、Has become a compulsory subject for students。Minzu road、Minquan road, main road、After this Wen name is that it is。


Taipei 101 Tower overlooks the national father Hall


Along the Orange roof is to be characterizedNational father HallThe height is approximately30mAnd the magnificent。In the main hall、There's Memorial Exhibition Hall and library、On the weekend、Domestic and international concerts and events are held。Would you have time、9:00-17:00Until the per 1 hour approximately10MinutesAbout doneChanging the guardLet's tour!


Our goal is、Taipei 101 Tower! Getting to the pine road.、Exploring the Mitsukoshi Department store.

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National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
Location:Jin-AI road, Taipei City 4-505, TEL:02-2758-8008
Hours of operation:9:00To 18:00 Holidays:New year's Eve and new year's day

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