Shin Kong Mitsukoshi store in glamorous streets of Taipei 101 and Taipei's largest shopping mall


National father HallThan10 minutes on footAs I came out of、Development is remarkableEastern、Hsinyi new life squareTo arrive。Here you will、1997 yearThan the Taipei Xinyi commercial district as a base to seeShin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Hsinyi new life square"ofA11In practice, starting with、Opened one after another and annex、Has formed the largest shopping mall in Taiwan today, is up at 4. look forward to is the General Office of the Taipei City Government。


Plates South line MRTOfShilin station (シーチェンフージャン)Than a few minutes walkPine road。We've had maintained on the road more than just develop as an of-the-art shopping area in Taipei City、Atmosphere of a big city。On the left hand、Expand the bookstore chain in Taiwan throughout "Makoto Xinyi store"And、And Taiwan's largest book flooring、CD shops and domestic fashion brand、Interior、Ranging from international cuisine restaurants are equipped in the selection of tenants.


Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Xin Taipei A4 hotel

"Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Hsinyi new life square"ofA4 hotelThe、B2 floor supermarket and import grocery store、Famous dessert shop in each country becomes complete.、The woman is very popular。B on the first floor and 5 floors、Women's fashion and cosmetics、Beauty salon、Integrated interiors shops, etc.、6On the floor、Tender and flavorful Asian cuisine and French、Will just say that for the women's Department.


See W Taipei "

"W Taipei (doublewtaipei)"The chain of the sculpture symbolizes the uniqueness。The big chains outside the entrance、W has become the art looks like a building in Taipei, holding on the ground?。W Taipei hot energy does not fly to the rivets to Earth's so。31 floor Chinese food "Purple gloss (YEN)"Now、Gorgeous faith night chefKen Yu,Of you can enjoy Cantonese cuisine!



Cantonese talk 'Tachibana"The pronounced 'Gil"And because the same、"Kumquat"With the same pronunciation"金吉"And it says、But Tachibana "Gil"、The gold "Goods"Means and、KumquatThe 'Bring auspicious and wealth"As has been。As a resultKumquatThe、The many eyes as a good decoration。Spring sectionTo become、The House from the entrance and verandaKumquat treesIs placed、Gratuity is propellants to the branch of a tree。It is one of the good luck!


"Bellavita Bellavista"

2009 yearIn the opened as a luxury brand shopping mall "BELLAVITA Bellavista"。In ItalianBELLAVITAAnd the、Beautiful life means、Elegant atmosphere like that name!


Beautiful vaulted ground floor floor。Five points is a fountain is in hotel、Creating spaces elegant。As a leading brand、HERMÈS、Van Cleef & Arpels、BVLGARI、JOHN LOBB、Christofle、Tod's、L ' Atelier de Joël RobuchonAnd we offer。In addition、On the 3rd floor of this、Taking a gastronomic acclaim all over the worldJoel RobuchonThe Cafe 'SALON DE THÉ de Joël Robuchon Salon de Joel Robuchon"、5On the floor restaurant "L ' ATELIER de Joël Robuchon ratelle de Joel Robuchon"And has opened two stores、On the second basement famous pastry shop "Sadaharu AOKI paris Sadaharu AOKI Paris"Because、Explore the shopping and dining purposes?!


In the streetsExhaust whistleThe musicians 'SUPER teacher Tang zhangqi"Mr.、And is waging a nice tone、Stop、I have listened to great music!


Exhaust whistle musicians 'SUPER teacher Tang zhangqi


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From sheep with celebrities is an art in Chinese new year events


Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Xin Taipei A9 building (right) and A11 the hotel (left)


Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store "Gil lamb Ruyi over new year, Hong Yi sheep, of the arts Le sculpture plastic exhibition "in strange and colorful!


T.Muramatsu road, Taipei 101 left till!

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