More Mandarin Oriental Taipei towards the MRT Nanjing station on foot to the Taipei 101 area


TaipeiOf has become a major tourist spotTaipei 101 areaTo the head。"Mandarin Oriental Taipei' Is it's from the West exitMRTOfNanjing station (formerly named:Nanjing East Road Station)To walk in8MinutesBecause it's so、Let's go while walking down the street.


And the main road east of the changeChongqing castle town (chinchangee)Is followed by the atmosphere of the old town.



We found the cafes on the way to the station。"JOYCE WEST CAFE"The、In the authentic Italian restaurant、1988 yearTo seePasta West East Beni culinary"From the beginning、After that1995 yearThe sister shop here。In addition2005 yearTo seeJOYCE EAST CAFE"Open and、Has been extended to the Group。2In F "IDEE Friday"For furniture shop is turned、中庭のロケーションも含め素敵な空間となっています♪

Address:台北市慶城街22-1號 TEL:02-2713-9388
Hours of operation:11:30-23:00 Holidays:Open every day

Taipei City, Castle town 22-1 No.



"Shishi"Familiar Chinese said Japan restaurant "Shishi Japan cuisine」さんは日本の百貨店とは関係ないようで香港オーナーが展開する日本料理店です高級ホテル並みの価格帯で刺身や寿司鉄板焼きなどの日本料理を提供されています♪

Shishi Japan cuisine
Address:Taipei Songshan, Kei Castle city 18-1 號 TEL:02-2716-8818
Hours of operation:11:30-14:30、17:30To 22:30 Closed on Mondays:Monday

Taipei Songshan, Chongqing Castle city 18-1 No.



In Japan the familiar100Pie shop"DAISO daiso"Taiwan across many stores open。The assortment is almost identical and the Japan、TaipeiBut "39Source uniform"As has been。Now the rate is39Source = $150In Japan from a little higher will.

DAISO large translational activity Department
Address:8-1, Ching Cheng Street, Taipei
Hours of operation:11:00To 22:00

8-1, Ching Cheng Street, Taipei



Nanjing stationClose to the、2010/11In the newly opened "Taipei, Castle Street 1-go Urban One"。As a result the largest food and beverage group、Taiwan foodAnd shopping mall。1Some of the floor、Shoes and bags、Order's brand shop、From the food court on the first floor to the fourth floor、All kinds of restaurant。Where the Department name and address itself click here、Very easy to understand, Taiwan seems to be thought (laughs)

Taipei, Castle Street 1-go Urban One
Address:Taipei Ching Street 1 號 TEL:080-908-8800

Taipei City, Castle town 1-go



Chongqing Castle StreetFor to the endMRTOfNanjing station (formerly named:Nanjing East Road Station)There。


Nanjing station (formerly named:Nanjing East Road Station)AMRT muzha lineThe、On the route of the new transit system differs from other routes、It runs on a viaduct on the line。It identified himself as the original Mucha lineWenshan lineAnd then openedIn the lineWill call together collectively and。Taipei Songshan AirportAndMartyr's shrine、Taipei City Zoo、MaokongTo goes.、Click hereMuzha linePlease use!


Taipei 101To go to the、Daan station (daiann station:Darren Jun)In the transferFreshwater Xinyi lineOfTaipei 101 / (taipeiilinea / Let's trade) world trade stationThe closer I got off of the、This time theReport of the national father Guo Memorial Hall (guoriiguofuujiiniennguann)Well since you want to visit、I have chosen to make a side trip。How to get the、Zhongxiao Fuxing station (chongshaohusingian) inPlates South lineTo change trainsNational father Memorial Hall station (kuofuuchiinyennkuwannjann)In the bus stop、While walking aroundTaipei 101I want to head to!


National father Memorial Hall station (kuofuuchiinyennkuwannjann)


Very nice and cleanNational Sun Yat-sen Memorial HallTo continue walking on the sidewalk。


TaipeiThe yellow bike click here to see the train station and tourist attractionsRent a bikeIt is。FranceNowVelib (Velib)Said、Here you willYouBike (Ubik)Referred to as。"GIANT (giant)"Brand bicycle manufacturersTaipei CityAnd partnership, has operated a convenientBicycle rental servicesAnd will be。Also referred to as scooters are popular around the worldTaiwan。But the scooter moves、MRTThe distance to the train station and very convenient means of transportation will。Also in recent years、The number of cars is increasing、Of concern is traffic congestion and air pollution。In there、Extreme power.MRTAnd then use the、Bike ride from the nearest train station to go to your destination, and calls the、ThisYouBikeIt is。Doubles as a small movement to explore and try to use us!

YouBike Taipei City public row vehicle


Taipei dome under construction

National father HallBefore the construction ofTaipei domeTaipei arenaThan scheduled to accommodate several times、Taipei seems to be at a big concert venue。On the back of the Taipei dome is open will be large hotel and shopping mall。I look forward to!

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Through the lush green treesNational father HallTo go!

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