Enjoy the "Viet Nam restaurants' homemade noodle PHO Viet Nam food store open!

Sumiyoshi, Hamamatsu CitySeirei Hamamatsu Hospital, General HospitalA Vietnamese restaurant that was just opened on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 on the site of a fruit and vegetable restaurant.VietnamEse Dining Room (Hamamatsu)(NHA AN VIETNAM)!

Here is、The owner, Mr. and Mrs. Yagyu, hired a chef from Vinh, Vietnam.、Viet Nam authentic cuisine restaurants.

On the menu、Started to provide rice flour noodle enjoy the texture of authentic Pho and Banh MI.、Viet Nam's local cuisine!

Shop、Decorated in dark wood tones、Amazing Asian accents incorporated in some places in、Goods bought from Viet Nam and instrument、AO as well as sold!
They become bright AO's wife Yukari eye-catching blue serving、It is very nice!

Your person is glad counter seats, 6 seats、12-seat is a bench seat to the wall-side tables、Semi private room can accommodate 8 people in the back are available、Dinner reservations are available!

At lunchtime、Homemade noodle-making four chickens for 1200 Yen、Beef PHO 1300 yen and entrusted the management of Viet Nam restaurant Curry 1000 yen、Next to daily Banh MI 1000 yen、
Self Detox water or coffee and drink, Viet Nam style dessert "Che"、Has become all you can eat!

Is this day Detox water、Fresh water and put fresh herbs with lemon grass and Rosemary.

At first、Our coconut rice crackers of Da Nang have been sold in stores!
Enjoy the smell of coconut and sweet of crunchy Rice cracker is!

Here you will、Using a noodle-making machine from Viet Nam、To create the "raw format" only used on that day、Instead of noodles、And no fresh noodles and other、Chewy texture you can enjoy!

2Without using any additives in the beef broth and stewed over the days、Enjoy the soup is deep and while PHO、We ordered the "chicken PHO.。In the four、"Deep fried spring roll" will be served with a chili sauce!

"Daily elsewhere.、And spicy chicken Banh MI、Got a chicken seasoned with spicy sauce、Hearty!
Aiming at the texture of a real Banh MI、And a selection from the many different types of bread。

After dinner、From Viet Nam style dessert "Che"、Coffee Jello, strawberry Jello、The zenzai canned mixed fruit、Such as tapioca or superfood Chia seeds and topped with free, enjoy!

There's Viet Nam coffee was roasted in butter flavor home 450 Yen、Extract 1 drop of 1 drop of Douglas bean floured deep carrying France expression filter、Sweetened condensed milk in addition will be an authentic Viet Nam and drink!
Sweet smell、It is a unique Viet Nam coffee flavoring!

Now is 10 hours:00To 22:00For we are through sales、Seirei hospital your nurse or doctor's request by、Morning 10.:30To start lunch and heard!
Future is remove idle time、A little early for 10:30-15:00For lunch and 17:00To 22:00Of because it seems to have been considering separating them into dinner sales、Accurate hours directly please call!

Viet Nam restaurant (NHA AN VIETNAM)
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 1-24-7
Hours of operation:10:00To 22:00(* Changes will:Lunch 10:30-15:00、Dinner 17:00To 22:00-
Closed on Mondays:On Sundays

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