New open "Banh Mi Majestic bin me majestic" Viet Nam food Cafe


On the street of the city before crossing, Hamamatsu City Museum of art direction on the way、One side gets pink eye of Viet Nam food Café "Banh Mi Majestic bin me majestic original Castle Shop"Mr.2014July 20th (Sun.)In this open。Involved in event planning and management "Render shokai co., Ltd."ofToshiaki IshizuMr. Tokyo in stores?Have sympathy on the concept of the Viet Nam restaurant、And sister store opened as a first store in Hamamatsu。While unified Viet Nam restaurant in Tokyo where you will find everything、Original originality are expanded as Alpha Plus unique castle restaurant。Bread is readily eaten in Viet Nam and noodle dishes and a、Also in the shopBanh MI (Viet Nam, folksy fast-food sandwiches)Will be the main。The terrace is at storefront、Are available where you can stop by to Hamamatsu Castle Park near the walking and Doggie!


Impact of exterior pink 1 color of outstanding。The number of seats、Counter 3 seats、Table 8 seats、Terrace 6 seats to 17 seats。Provides private rooms in the back of the store、Beauty related such as esthetics and nail salon are to be deployed in the future.。Order、How to order at the counter to pay, and。


Instead of sewage、Provides Lotus (Lotus tea) to have on a daily basis around the country in Viet Nam、From the server for counter service with free refills。Lotus tea、Body fat and blood sugar levels down.、Is known as the skin effect is even better。It is very delicious in taste and elegant sweet!


Mì avocado, bacon, and 500 yen

Pour sauce and plenty of bacon across into the soft texture with rice flour baguette、Healthy dish with avocado, tomato and annealed。Fragrant coriander aroma and can help!


Viet Nam Poker ice ' Mango milk Poker ice ' 500Circle

Frozen mango、Condensed milk、Mango juice、Ice on a coconut ice cream with syrup、The glamorous look。The ice is、Because the kanrei configured melting too soon may crunch and eat everything。Let in conjunction with ice cream!


Just、Had come into play in Hamamatsu "Plain plastic industrial co., Ltd."The President inPlain toshinaoTo aggressively attract together tea time! Rushed Poker me off the ice、Moments and head shot (laughs).


Ishizu's plains and the owner was a friend of yours that there、Able to testify to the development of history will be open。Thank you very much!

Banh Mi Majestic bin me majestic original Castle Shop
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, former castle town 105-17 TEL:TEL 053-525-8013
Hours of operation:11:00-20:00Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku from Castle town 105-17

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