Snug "for Hanoi" cafés and other authentic Viet Nam restaurant

High rise apartment buildings towering near Hamamatsu station, itaya-machi "D & # 8217s; sTower" of 4/12/2015 is opened on the first floor、2周年を迎えられた「Pho Hanoi(For Hanoi second Beach unstained shop town) ' To!

Here is、The food service and event business to business perspectives "render shokai co., Ltd."Toshiaki Ishizu (Toshiaki Ishizu)さんが運営される本格ベトナム料理店です!

Offer plenty of vegetables,、Cooking healthy with mild flavor cuisine Viet Nam, women's most popular。In specialty stores, home cooks are increasing、This restaurant as well as its authentic taste、From the restaurant to the cosy café of the natural wood grain like that becomes very popular women and couples!

Taxis on the kitchen counter in the seat at the table、And an open terrace with outside dining weather permitting and 40 seats available。
And since exotic AO in the costumes of the Viet Nam Women of the Hall staff、Enjoy the home-like atmosphere!

Rice is also three times per year sourced that in Viet Nam、Well as four、Fresh spring rolls and Vietnamese rice crepe.、Rice flour and macaroni dishes will be food for the soul。

ランチのメニューは、Chicken or beef、And the seafood PHO started.、Choose from among seven different types, such as Viet Nam chicken curry or the Special、ヘルシーなランチは女子に大人気!

On this day、Cho's French restaurant "Café & Restaurant now and forever"ofOnoue, ShigeakiChef and "take over the popular restaurant in the city! "That it be、
Are we friendsMatsui Ayakoさんをお誘いして4人でお出掛けです!

予約をすると来月には更にもう1店舗新しいレストランをオープンさせる準備でお忙しい石津さんがわざわざご挨拶に出向いてくださり感謝感謝です!石津さん、Thank you very much!

First of all,、シュワッとスパークリングワインで乾杯!

Restaurants, cosy is gentle, healthy taste taste of Japanese cuisine Viet Nam!


Pho Hanoi(フォーハノイsecond浜松板屋町)
Address:静岡県浜松市 中区板屋町104−1 D’sTower 1F
Hours of operation:Mon-Fri:11:00-15:00( L.O)17:00-23:00( L.O.22:30-
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays:11:00-23:00(L.O.22:30)
Closed on Mondays:Seven days a week

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