"The Ritz-Carlton of Okinawa" Ryukyu hospitality welcomed debt inherited luxury resort

Surrounded by stacked red-tiled symbol of Ryukyu "SHURI Castle" and the Ryukyu limestone Ashlar walls、Luxury hotel that represents Okinawa surrounded by tranquility and sense of freedom "The Ritz-Carlton, OkinawaThe Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa) ' To!


"The Ritz-Carlton, OkinawaThe Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa) ',、2007March 5 from 24 "Kise bettei hotel&Spa ' as to renovate the Museum was operated、2012May 28, rebrand, opened!


Hotel、Okinawa's leading golf courses "? day at Kise country club" to adjacent、Spa world-wide assessment, including refined and natural abundance slightly got bulky's is surrounded by Woods、Enjoy every time in the spirit of hospitality in the Ryukyu Islands will be the 5-Star Golf & Spa Resort Hotel!


Surrounded by oozes with tropical Palm trees、Further approach to gradient and、Will look on the golf field across the green at Hill!

Since ancient times、Where shall the well water has been revered as "holy land" is motif "The Ritz-Carlton, OkinawaThe Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa) "! This is the atmosphere filled with stately style reminiscent of the Holy Land!

Through the gates of the Shisa、Go to the main entrance decorated with a Christmas wreath!

At the driveway car deposits.、Staff will be welcomed warmly!

Hotel、And the 7-story building、The entrance lobby is located on the 3rd floor!

Here is、Ritz-Carlton, Japan became the first resort hotel、In the spirit of hospitality passed down from the Ryukyuan Kingdom "facing en-Lai"、This is a promise: an elegant luxury resort!

The release of ceiling height、Many of the lighting gives off a soft impression makes you feel welcome in the Ryukyu Islands and Interior.

Hotel、And wrapped in the Christmas mood、A huge doubtful decorate the lobby welcomes you!

Decoration、Instead of ostentatious opulence、Mind atmosphere be healed in soothing colours! Just Resort!!

On this day、Kouri island could move to Nago-Shi, Okinawa、We have ample early!

At the check-in counter、Uemura Yuka's Marketing Communications Manager greeting!

Finish sign at the check-in sheet、Offered as a welcome tea、While Okinawan-style warm "loses"the tea、Hearts warmed my breath!

After check-in、And guide staff、Let's this room!

In total 97 guest rooms、Start with a standard deluxe room、High-part 5-"bayderax" which is located on the 6th floor、"Premium" room、On the first floor adjacent to the outdoor pool "Cabana"、Presidential Suite located on the top floor and 7th floor、Provides a variety of room types containing only "the Ritz-Carlton Suite" of 2 room suite、And its all over 45 m² elegantly appointed guest rooms、Equipped with bath & terrace with sea and sky!

This time our couples、231To the "Deluxe" room!

This uses a simple design、And filled with restless interiors in warm colours、To spend at the couple and 45 square meters of comfortable guest rooms! In addition、7.5By m² terrace、You can enjoy the more expansive landscapes!

The King size bed is available in twin、USA Sealy (Sealy) manufactured by original bed (width 135 cm x 203 cm x height 57 cm) the promise sound sleep!

Bedside night table、And available for all control while sleeping the night Panel、iPod + sound system also provides comfortable!

Shipping convenient closet beside the bed capacity of the cardboard are equipped with ball。

On the terrace、Feel the breeze while relaxing tables & couches、Overlooking a lush outdoor pool and golf course views、In the Interior is the radiance of Nago Bay!

From the rooms on the East side、Can a mystical Sunrise、From the rooms on the West side、Sinking in Nago Bay sunset views、Sunny day night all rooms views beautiful starry sky!

Can lengthen legs and deep soaking bathtub is provided by the window、Bath ocean views in lush green Golf place is a healing bath time!

On the inside、Equipped with a rain shower with touched type independent shower room and restroom!

Easy to use twin Bowl became a powder room sink、Makeup and lighting with will accompany the Ryukyu glass mirrors and colorful brilliant!

In the thick, high-quality towels、Of skin soft waffle original bathrobe、Become a full lineup of excellent、In addition to the standard amenities of the Ritz original、Brands of United Kingdom "Asprey(Asprey) "of the base item you will have!

More of the sea salt from the sea of 5島, based on、Scented、Equipped with bath salts "YUKUI (Uki)" using natural coloring two! In the Okinawan language and "Yuki" means spend a leisurely。Luffa sponges are also provided、Just stay in Okinawa resort of items、During bath time is limited!

On the wall、Easy to work with Business Desk、42LCD flat TV。

There was a refrigerator under、Is at an additional cost、Orion beer and champagne started.、Non-alcoholic drinks are equipped with I.。

In the mini bar、Hard Erika and snacks provided!

"Nespresso Nespresso"The espresso machine at、Pour the freshly brewed espresso、Comfort still enjoy relax in the room!

The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa (The Ritz-Carlton,Okinawa)
Address:Okinawa City of Nago Kise 1343-1

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