Enjoy with a Maserati in the luxury resort of "the Ritz-Carlton of Okinawa" enrichment facilities

Luxury resort hotel decorated with Christmas colorsThe Ritz-Carlton, OkinawaThe Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa) "In the、It is a facility introduction to spend okinawa gracefully in warm winter!

This is from ancient times.、Because it is the motif of the place where the water springs which has been revered as a sacred place is a motif.、The production of the space using water is given to everywhere in the building.、This is a resort hotel with a gentle breeze in the south!

Above all、The courtyard with the best view becomes a design that can be toured、In the luxurious production that i've been able to keep the water board、Let me feel the pleasant wind of ryukyu in the appearance like a palace floating on the surface of the water、It becomes a favorite space!

Over the basin、A golf course surrounded by bright greenery appears in sight、Beyond that, okinawa's blue sea and sky spread out.、A moment of peace of mind while feeling the gentle wind that is easy to spend by the skin!

In the library on the first floor of the hotel building,、In addition to books and photographs about Okinawa、In the lineup of comics and various books and enhancement that a wide range of generations can enjoy、You can enjoy reading while calming down!

The library is、Opening time 10:00-19:00be came freely available between、Drinks and snacks are also available!

Currently in the hotel、"Maserati Because the collaboration plan with "Maserati Japan" is being carried out.、There is also a book corner related to Maserati in one corner of the library.、A model of Europe's first single-seater racing machine, Eldorado, which is a great maserati car, is also on display.

Go to the outdoor pool adjacent to the library、It's also a good idea to relax on the open deck!

According to the timing of the opening of the beach space for hotel guests only every year、An outdoor pool will also be open!
If you want to enjoy the outdoor pool in the summer?、We recommend the cabana room on the ground floor, which offers direct access to the outdoor pool from your room!

Go to the entrance lobby、"Maserati The brand's first SUV, "MASERATI Levante", which appeared in the hotel's accommodation collaboration project "MASERATI EXPERIENCE", "MASERATI Levante", and "MASERATI Levante" MASERATI Quattroporte- Maserati Quattroporte- Maserati Quattroporte- was specially prepared!

Started in 2017 last year、The collaboration plan of this place which was very popular is continued in 2018、Stay in the Maserati Room, which features maserati original items in the guest room.、Specially prepared service plans、In addition to the、It offers a special experience where you can test drive the Maserati freely during your stay!

Currently in the hotel、It is faced in two systems of black [Levante] and [Quattroporte] that gives off a sharp impression

Feeling the wind of Okinawa、At the Maserati of love to run through powerful and dashing、Let's come with the best drive!

The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa (The Ritz-Carlton,Okinawa)
Address:Okinawa City of Nago Kise 1343-1

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