Best spa surrounded by "the Ritz-Carlton of Okinawa" wormwood incense at the time of bliss

A luxury resort hotel in Okinawa with a world-renowned spaThe Ritz-Carlton, OkinawaThe Ritz-Carlton, OkinawaTo "The Ritz-Carlton SPA Okinawa"!

Here you will、The Ritz-Carlton Spa by ESPA, which was developed mainly by the British luxury spa brand、To be able to get the ultimate healing unique to Okinawa than、On July 1, 2018, the Ritz-Carlton Spa Is rebranded as Okinawa!

Because the spa building becomes a separate building、Crossing the bamboo passage from the main building、Reach in a few minutes on foot as you walk through the lush courtyard surrounded by trees!
It is also possible to take a pick-up cart from the front desk.、Except for those who have bad legs and legs.、We recommend that you head around the courtyard by all means!

The spa building surrounded by the nature of Yanbaru、"Indoor swimming pool" with a length of 17 meters that can be enjoyed all year round and、17m long "indoor swimming pool" that can be enjoyed all year round、"Whirlpool" of peace、In addition to the "daybed" that the wind is comfortable、Wooden deck terrace space、A 24-hour fitness gym with the latest training machines is available.、In the heat experience (hot bath facilities)、Weathered coral tile bedrock bath and dry sauna are also available.、Elegant and luxurious total wellness is offered!

If you take a step to the reception of the spa building,、It's wrapped in a gentle scent.、A warm and relaxing space filled with natural wood and huge dome-shaped soft lights!

Reception at the reception counter、You will receive a welcome tea at the counseling booth!

It will be an original tea that mixes acerola with vanilla bourbon of sweet smell of "TWG Tea"!

Complete the counseling sheet、Refresh by applying "balancing herbal spafresh spritzer" rich in "ESPA" essential oils and flower water to your hand!

After rebranding spa、The conventional treatment products and menu structure have been drastically revised.、Ryukyu-colored treatments are adopted so that you can feel more Okinawan-likeness!

Experience treatments that can only be experienced here、Using Okinawan pottery called "Yachimun"、Treatment that promotes metabolism to healthy skin by stimulating treatment "Yachimun Facial - Deep peace and brilliant crush fill the heart" and、Treatments unique to Okinawa are available, such as the dry treatment "Yanbaru no Mori Ukusun - Awakening Ceremony" to balance the body using okinawa's famous moon peach root stick!


This time from among them、Select a course of 20,000 yen for 60 minutes (Fu-Chi-Bahn Scalk Treatment Package) wrapped in the scent of "Fu-Chi-Bah Scal lp Treatment Package" which is the care of the scalp and hair!

"Mugwort" called "Hooch bar" in Okinawa! The mugwort that has long been said to pay for evil、It has also been popular as a private panacea!

Using mugwort oil with high cleansing effect、Scalp care mainly on the scalp that has hardened to kakkochi in travel fatigue、Warm and fragrant herbal balls for both mind and body、I received a honey hair pack that relieves the wound of my long hair up to the waist.、I want to transform into a glossy!

At Forest Suite, a couple treatment room where you can enjoy the deep view of the forest of Okinawa's rich nature "Yanbaru"、The time to be healed while being wrapped in the gentle scent of mugwort begins!

Before treatment、Take a shower lightly.、Wash away the dirt from your hair! And、Soak in a mugwort bath with a mugwort fragrance bag in it.、Let's warm up! The mugwort bus、has the effect of promoting blood circulation、Blood can be warmed from the core of the body by going all over the body.、Poor circulation and low back pain、It is also effective for stiff shoulders!

Bath time while feeling the atmosphere in the water fan of the goldfish placed next to the bathtub!

After warming up your body, dress yourself in a bathrobe.、Sitting on the sofa、Let's wait for the therapist in charge!

This time、The therapist who owns me、This is Tayuko Kikuchi,who has been a therapist for 10 years!


I received the explanation of the effect of the mugwore oil used for the treatment and herbal ball.、Rest on your back on your bed! Apply warm steam.、What is the treatment that starts over steam?、Start with three deep breaths while feeling the scent of herbal balls!

100 meetings at the top of the head from the shinto garden in the frontal、Song difference、With the wind pond on the back of the head、Face line、Scalp、To the pot, such as decollete、Slowly hit the herbal ball up to the top to promote blood circulation、Slowly let the tension down!

With herbal balls placed in the middle recess of the collarbone、Relax the force of both feet and open your legs.、I will loosen it while applying pressure to the lower half of the body!

It is a massage of mugwort oil which becomes the real thing from here! The mugwort oil is poured from the forehead to wrap the entire hair.、I am fascinated by the oil and the smell of the mugwort at a pleasant temperature.、It invites drowsiness!

While stimulating the point with moderate force adjustment with skilled technique、Not only the scalp、To care for the entire upper body, including around the face、Mind and body to be untied!

It might be just like this feeling to dream like the Pure Land of Gokuraku (laughs)


After careful solution,、I put a lot of Okinawa honey to apply to the hair、It is healed with honey full of sweet aroma like brown sugar!

Even during luxury treatment packs、Massage is still going on.。

I woke up the bed at the end.、Hands in both arms and back、The best course!

After the treatment、Enjoy an after-drink with winter cucumber sugar candy、Each pore opens.、From the top of my head to my toes、Immerse yourself in the aftertaste while feeling the lightness as if a feather has growed all over the body!

High sterilization effect to keep the scalp clean、With honey with excellent permeability and moisturizing power、Transformed into glossy hair!
After the treatment、I washed away the honey lightly.、If you try to dry it、Easy to take damage with thin hair、My long hair is easy to stick to、It has been firmly repaired to the inside、Comb street well moist and cohesive、Hair quality with firmness and firmness!

Scalp care at The Ritz-Carlton Spa Okinawa、Not limited to the hair growth effect、The lift-up effect is also obtained.、For the full effect for your facial hair、10Because the age will feel rejuvenated、We should by all means!

The Ritz-Carlton Spa of Okinawa (The Ritz-Carlton SPA Okinawa)
Spa reservation:0980-43-5691(Direct dial)
Hours of operation:9:00-21:00

The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa (The Ritz-Carlton,Okinawa)
Address:Okinawa City of Nago Kise 1343-1

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