"The Ritz-Carlton of Okinawa" warm light produced a fantastic evening

Feel the breeze in the Ryukyu Islands luxury resort hotel "The Ritz-Carlton, OkinawaThe Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa) "In the ready to prepare for a fantastic night!

The reddening in Lapis blue sky at dusk when the、With the passage of clouds、A fantastic Blue changing from moment to moment is enchanted I will!

At the same time it gets dark around me、Floating lamps filled with warmth、Changed radically with the atmosphere of the day、Entrance lobby moisturized!

In the quiet、Calm to emit light produces shadows、Indescribable good air flow!

Passage along the basin of the inner courtyard of the lamp is lit and、Directing the world an even more mysterious Shimmer in the lights reflected on the water!

With indirect lighting was trained at the water's edge、In a take on the stately gusuku as if floating in the water, such as the Ritz-Carlton of Okinawa、Relax is an extraordinary loose time!

Guest room turndown Touroperator、Bed of chocolate flavor of the original hotel "Chin chinsuko" had been prepared for、Restaurant dinner hours、Enjoy coffee and let's!

The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa (The Ritz-Carlton,Okinawa)
Address:Okinawa City of Nago Kise 1343-1

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