Explore the waterfront Harbour and shopping


Water-front district of Cape Town City、As the name suggests and facing the harbour.、Views, shopping and eating places。One&Only Cape Town hotel located just 5 minutes walk away.


Spinning on the map as far as I and walk around as possible of。Morning、I saw many people are jogging the cooler hours of the evening。



Here hold a better blue peninsula tour mini peninsula and Cape Town City red city tours attractions, and tourism、16In-country translation guides them through two-story openCity Sightseeing Cape TownThe Hop On Hop Off。Of course、While it is possible for Japan to。1Purchase date passport R150 (Japan ¥ 1500 yen)、If not buses from each bus stop appears every 20 minutes each point in free ride, enjoy the sightseeing at your own pace。Previous、Had the same bus runs when he went to Paris in France。But it was abandoned in Paris, France, I could not understand how to ride so、I tried it in Cape Town。When、Because it was a simple service that can hop on and off is just to buy tickets to your favorite place when on the bus unexpectedly、I try to challenge any country from this。Now、This bus rideRed city tourThe pattern took part in another post here.


Here isTwo Oceans AQUARIUM two oceans AquariumV&Naming only where you can admire two of the Atlantic and Indian oceans in an aquarium located in the middle of A Water Front Victoria & Alfred waterfront in Cape Town。am9:30From pm18:00To open and、365Open it。Adult tickets are R118 (Japan ¥ 1180 yen or so).。In the Aquarium are equipped air conditioning is also cool and comfortable、Is the spot for hot and tired during the day to heal and with children.


Here isV&A Waterfront Craft Market V&A Waterfront craft market。That is not to be missed in the crafts market around Cape Town V&A Waterfront Craft Market V&It is A Waterfront craft market。V&Between two oceans Aquarium and A Waterfront 120 things stall, is the nation's largest indoor market.


Many tourists visit.、It is very enjoyable market can feel fully the local wind。Introduces the articles later is in the market!


Here isMARKET ON THE WHARF market on the wharf。Continues to grow.、Because the shops are retail quality food is packed with gourmet is perfect for the market to have come to!


Burgers and fresh juices、Beef jerky、Dry fruit、Jams and honey、Full of delicious food, such as cheese! To buy the bar and food court are located on the second floor, so too good to eat。So to me let the tasting by the shop、Wrong, I'm happy!。This would get a little expensive gifts and souvenirs。It introduces the later articles click here for details!


From the port of、A stunning table mountain views。Because the weather is very easy to change、Sure, indicated the photo had a sunny day!。In the mountain、2The article introduces spectacular because the climb to the Summit on the first day.


This is art made during the 2010 World Cup.。Eco project to use Coca-Cola lack。Disabled people-peace sign、Towering lone red port for this child.、Very noticeable。Thinking if I see a cute object like me can't help without the same pose、Yes、Cheese! (laughs)


This is a statue of the four men were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in South Africa。Many people take commemorative photos、I visited in the Middle, where、So you told me with a shutter chance together.


State maintained boat is just around the corner, you can see the、It is quite impressive!


In Africa there ornament trees feel the femininity of a cup。1One is one adorable face!


Even the giant elephant statue discovered! Speaking of African elephants! Wrinkles on the skin of an elephant near and nails、Fang、Adorable eyes which are very real! To tell you about the size、He put the body, took on the challenge! (Lol)


1Day even enjoy waterfront area.。I think China is relatively safe, enjoy the sightseeing。That night you go after 9 pm is responsible、Is peace of mind by using the taxi。


Victoria & Alfred waterfront、Known as V&A Waterfront。The shopping mall was built around old port、From the famous international brand、Until the local limited boutique fun shop is packed!


In the Mall、Small fashionable gift shops and restaurants in more than 80、Fast-food outlets where you can easily、Grocery store featuring Dole souvenirs "Pick ' n’ Pay,"Surrounded by。Especially tourists looking for customer service, such as cosmetic products so、And properly"No!”Have the courage to say (laughs) let security concerns seem to pickpockets and thieves haunt Milan is note what you want!


The stage is in the square、Performance show is watched by singing and dancing on a regular basis.




And listening to the music of South Africa、Guests can pamper themselves with exciting fun!。Doubles as a CD for sale for each band, I live for publicity.


Here isVaughah Johnson's bone, Johnson's。That satisfied even if wine South African wine shop。Players of South African wine distribution and sale Vaughan Johnson wine shop!


Premium and featured wines、Deals so chatting to the reliable quality and prices、Shop if you like wine you want to stop us.


Here isMitchell's Waterfront Brewery Mitchells。Hamburger and Curry、Mash、Enjoy simple food, such as fish & chips。 It is a traditional English pub, locals congregate each night to enjoy a wide range of beers。If in the early evening、Because it was so you can go to、There were days in the shop of the 晩酌。Introduces the content in articles.


Walk near the port of good ventilation becomes the best walks.


Like gulls fly with small bottle sparkling wine while quick and was delicious!


With the changing weather Cape Town、Morning in the Sun as well, all depends on the。This cloudy morning sun。It is covered with clouds, had finally found only a little Sun。


Here is the weather good morning sun。But like the sunset pink-tinged sky、Authentic and the morning sun is。Waterfront morning walk is very refreshing, because it feels good、I recommend getting up early as one way to enjoy the journey of the!

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V&A Waterfront Victoria & Alfred waterfront

V&A Waterfront

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