"NO BAR & # 8217s; AGE" enchanted pairing with cocktail mixology-style

Shizuoka Aoba-Dori and quietly nestled between shichiken-Cho building on the second floor of "BAR NO & # 8217s; AGE(Bar hub) ' to!

"NO BAR & # 8217s; AGE (hub bar)",、Originally at 11/2000 and OPEN in Fukuroi、2007Until June, about 6 and a half years we spent in the、As a BAR as a bartender than to leap、2007June 21, moved to Shizuoka city based、New "BAR NO & # 8217s; AGE (bar hub)" as the transfer has been open!

The name "NO & # 8217s; AGE" and the、First of all comes from the whisky terms、"Point was made by blending excellence ripening period variety of whisky、Have this term、You want to be loved by customers of different generations "that it carries the thoughts of the owner!

Friend one bartender Itani, Earl of (Itani Masamichi)With a relationship with Fukuroi ages it becomes、Benevolent toward our couple made me feel on skin BAR goodness and fun!

Classical interior is restless to emit、10 counter seats and provide priority booking private rooms (for 4 people)、One person or a couple、Or use is possible with entertainment。

On this day、I had staying at Shizuoka in Miyoshi、To you let me and my time without having to worry about time!

What to say here、His unlimited skill value of mixology-style cocktail is recommended! Of course、Impeccable cocktails of the Royal standard.、Fruit of the season started.、Mixology style using homemade flavors de spirits and special techniques、From that Cup cannot be tasted here only!

The stomach was bloated, already drinking beer or coffee、Finish the as 1 cup、And her husband, a gin-based standard "White Lady" delicious and order、I am always the "sidecar" yellow seal.、"A little tired" and tell、In leave it to complete the order!

The "Great White Lady.、Blending two Shaker conditioner scents with Gin、Brandy Cointreau and orange Italian、In the mellow taste fragrant using a small amount of lemon juice one tablespoon!

"AJ before going to bed.、Using the Calvados is an Apple brandy、But it is done in a small amount of lemon and grapefruit、By wrapping homemade bergamot fragrance at the end、Tired feeling I imagine Apple tea before going to bed、Hearts provided me with a cup of relaxing! Neither body will be pleased about is really delicious!

1Will the Cup、1End Cup、Have been energetic in the idani magic may be (laughs) 1 cup!

The husband's second cup、I ordered a delicious Gin & tonic!
To cut the ice and to the glass rinsing sound also echoed Interior comfortable、Aperture with the lime squeeze、Complete transderma and throat good Gin and tonic!

My second cup、The fruits of the season, which also looks worried but、Jasmine "Strawberry" suitable rum cocktails.

Based on France's Brandy liqueur Benedictine D.O.M flambé "Ichigo"! Blue flames blazing fiercely!

Pour the Bacardi rum, crush strawberries、After the snotty to flavor homemade Jasmine syrup、Blink in liquid nitrogen into the world of the white-out!

Itani Theatre、The cooling of smoke from burning fire、Now Shaker from higher to lower Shaker pour in benensiador、By repeating several times、Air to complement the flavor and finish!

If you ask me swim the last lovely Elle、Nothing girly cocktails complete! The rich blend of the "Strawberry" and "Jasmine"、Tickles the cheeks as they melted semisweet.


Aroma of love me、Enjoying a cocktail while enchanted fragrance of homemade Jasmine syrup poured another glass and、Us pair the jasmine tea and herbal liqueur Chartreuse "herbal jelly"!

Here is、Cognac "fransovabowye" for "medicinal herbs"which、In a refined sweetness and smooth texture、Long aftertaste mellow aroma with exquisite taste! Such a delicious "jelly" I don't know on the other!

Other、Campari、Vermouth、Quirky petits fours made to fit the "negroni" combined dry Gin cocktail of Garam Masala and Juniper Berry chocolate"。

Fit the whiskies of Islay seaweed butter and、Reach of hentai pair appeared one after the other!

"To serve in style replaced the culinary cocktails"

These are、Before aiming for the bartender had originally studied cuisine France Itani's withdrawal because of a、To tell the truth in a BAR here in pleasant blot as the、In order light amuse suitable for drinks, cocktails and food pairing、Very unique and、This is where you can spend time further stimulating the Supreme!


That was a nice bartender that since have Fukuroi、Fascinated by the further my me。After 11 years in Shizuoka、Received various good stimulus?、Here side by side top bartender seniors and shoulder during a number of years, to be interviewed in、Watching the bartender would contribute to a global and、He told me that much hentai soul with fire!

End if if drawn into the world of this pairing。Come on everybody、Want to thank drowning in a kinky Itani world! It was a night I think so highly of!

BAR NO & # 8217s; AGE (bar hub)
Address:Shizuoka, Shizuoka city, AOI-Ku, shichiken-Cho 8-6 Act-7 2F
Hours of operation:Mon, Wed-sat 17:00-25:00、-Mon 16:00-24:00
Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday




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