"When you change the glass changes wine" Riedel tasting event held prior notice

Leader Peru

"RIEDEL Riedel"The、250Prestigious brand of wine boasting years of history。To display such Riedel glasses、Amazing drink scents and flavors change depending on the glass experience2014October 19 (Sun.)To seeArtforum mansion Gallery' In and enjoy!

At the same time holdTasting special seminarNow、Riedel glasedukeiterDaisuke ShojiYou are welcomed to、4 varieties typical of wine will taste using four types of glass。How to choose a glass or wine、How to care for the glass until、Easy to understand even for wine beginners, lecture。Using4Take away all glass legs areThis is where you will find a great seminar! For your participation、Reservations sincerely look forward to!

Riedelgrastaysting event
Date and time:2014October 19 (Sun.)* Event is successfully closed。
Time:13:00To 18:00
Location:Artforum mansion Gallery
Participation fee:Free

Tasting special seminar
Date and time:2014October 19 (Sun.)* Event is successfully closed。
Number of persons:20Number of people (reservation required)
Instructor:Daisuke Shoji private practice, JSA certified wine Riedel-glasedukeiter
Participation fee:15,120JPY (tax included)* Includes the vinomseries glass 4 legs (sale price: 15,120 yen)
Reservations accepted:Info@lade.jp HP:090-7002-8992(Responsible for:Ndachi)

Cooperation:Wine boutique Hairbowhttp://www.wb-panier.com/
Planning:WEB Magazine ladehttp://www.lade.jp/
Sponsored by:Riedelhttp://www.riedel.co.jp/

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