Featured continuing advances in the Toyama etchu sushi sushi who characterized by distinctive Shari used red vinegar


"Sushi sushi man dust"The、You can eat delicious in the technique of the Edo-style seafood of etchu、“Sushi made by science and technology"The shop is。
The original、Owner that was involved in the design work in TokyoIzumi Kimura.、
Is like sushi、Alone too much unparalleled in the world of sushi2005 April,To in Toyama "Sushi man"Open。
Shop trendy heartfelt love sushi shop owner still can enjoy hours of hospitality and a unique sushi!


Shop、Located a little way from the taro circle intersection、There are cozy and warm atmosphere、
Word of mouth spread.、Customers from outside No.The figure there are more。
The recent 'Eat log"In theToyama NO.1Has attracted great attention, and became。
From clean and store、Soft and sweet red vinegar smell drifting、Takes a spirited pick-up voice。
Spacious counter seating is 10 seat.。The back parlor、8Is available from a number of people。
The parlor、A taste of hearth-style table。
However,、If you visited the sushi shop、We hold the shopkeeper at the counter while I'd be。
So I had have to book in advance、At the counter will be enjoyed sushi!


Afternoon courses、3,000Circle4,000Circle5,000CircleAnd divided into three courses、
Penetration is 8pcs ~ 10pcs is different with the contents of the stories of the day。
This time the、4,000Course yen (tax excluded)We will!


' Gully '

Marinate in red vinegar Galli is、Color is different.。Galli is、3 using sugar, sweet。


The shopkeeper:Izumi Kimura

The shopkeeperKimuraAnd it is bundled in the back hair on the shoulders so much、Our sins and Chef hats、
Will be held the sushi one volume one volume with a good small。
In Japan、43,000There's sushi shop as hotels、Over 7000 hotels in 1 / 6 are concentrated in Tokyo、
In the "shop of Tokyo one book" or "Japan's sushi shop" and famous shops "Oh fai"The owner,ArakiMr.、
KimuraJust before told is craftsmen are the most respected。
When you became so frustrated and、ArakiAnd it's to know that、ArakiAnd it's so the possessing idea, seeing the、
Sushi manThe、ArakiAnd I'm in and there is now, and there is。

Immediately、KimuraIs it to please hold the sushi。

Speaking of sushi and Shari's life。
The Shak and Toyama rice、Use of delicious water.、Carefully made and hacks have been using one since、
Fragrance、Flavor、Shine、How very nice。
Carefully selected from the Toyama rice、Using Koshihikari rice has got grown specifically to contract local farmers.、
Further homemade rice is that it is。
Toyama sushi、Instead of saying something to the effect of the rice taste too much、
State management and quality of rice、Rice cooker、By Shari preparation、Attention to all corners、
Some aim to always provide at best。

Most impressive is the Shari rice condition。
Koshihikari sticky Center finish cooked al dente is extremely difficult。
Because of this I'll gently cooked in the Nambu cast iron work that can produce it。
Also to keep the moisture in the cooked Shak in Nice condition、Akita sugiOf"Boiled"-rice containerHas been used。


Shuzenji true wife Wasabi

Wasabi varieties of real wives in Shuzenji in Izu。
Izu Wasabi is accounted for 66% of national production。
Above all、Real wife Wasabi is recognised and the finest products in Wasabi。
Naka-Izu true wife Wasabi is made under the River at the foot of the Amagi mountains and clear skies
Can be harvested a great Wasabi is the height of its aroma、A refreshing pungency is a rarity。
There's subtle sweetness of refreshing pungency in。And when grated well linger as a。


"Sweet shrimp、White shrimp seaweed 〆.

A handful、We will first of all from the sweet shrimp。

Sushi manAnd I'm so sauce is lifting、Masuo fountain of oyabe upland brewing sake made only with
At a consistent time to paint, provide。

Japan to Japan Sea specialties ' graces and "is、
Has a good freshness as red, while the head is dark blue。
A sweet strong、Excellent elasticity、Melted in your mouth, no longer。

And the sweetness of the shrimpToyama riceThe exquisite sweetness of collaboration!

AndToyamaUnique to theWhite shrimp

Sweet white shrimp, fresh natural products out of the shell with a soggy texture。
The flavor of a real tangle of Hakodate and mise en scene、Brings out the sweetness。
Melt in the mouth sweetness and rich flavor、Shari sweet is a fine taste in later!

Sushi manMr. a、Shari color look, as you can seeRed vinegarHas been used。
The origin of the classic Japanese vinegar red cider vinegar、In the Genroku era、It became popular with the trendy sushi。
The "net Lees vinegar red cider vinegar filling wells and matabee" is used、Lees was carefully aged for 3 years、
After soaked with plenty of flavor ingredients such as amino acids and organic acids、Fermentation、To carefully lay the。
Carefully brewed red vinegar、Has low acidity like acrid、Flavor and aroma in sake Lees、Has a mellow flavor。
Incorporating the style of the original Edo-style sushi at the store here、Equipped only with red vinegar and salt, not sugar, Shari。
Salt is used Noto Suzu salt sea salt。


"Plum vinegar bean custard'

During one of the shopkeepers attention、There is a water。
At the foot of the impressive sacred Mt.、Otherwise go to draw every owner of kamiichi, Toyama Castle、With this steamed egg custard。
This spring,、And springs from the bottom of the mystical cave depth is at least several thousand meters、
It is a magical spring water in baptism than long-term storage of perishables。Moderately contains minerals in the water and、
Good taste so delicious、Constipation is better、Is said to clean the bowel。
Cooked rice is rising fast、It will not smell delicious dinner.。
The steamed egg custard with only this spring water in baptism、Puru's and melts in your mouth better、
Plum vinegar jam onto the soft, elegant steamed egg custard is thick ever has a simple steamed egg custard.。
Since there is no、Look、It may seem so wistfully、
Simple product due to balance of the taste of water and Umezu's surprised!


"Grilled snow crab and non Gro'

The texture of the snow crab Chionoecetes opilio、Crispy texture and elasticity, and puritsu、
Wearing tight sweet enough、It has flavor。

Is by surface with non Gro、Flavor trapped in squeeze、
Fluffy boobs and luscious texture which black、Luxury 1 book.。Also between Leek savory, sweet and very tasty!



Red Snapper when cherry blossoms bloom called "bream"。
This time refrained from laying eggs, eating the bait
Very fat body, fat and moderate、Exactly what is the King of fish.。
Because of high-quality Nori got fat is a connoisseur、And full of fresh look、Faintly pink.。
Beautiful includes a beautiful eye shadow Snapper is so delicious。


"Flounder seaweed 〆"

Toyama BayIn halibut fished in spring and well, seaweed 〆。
Kelp flavor well penetrates into the body of Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus、
Characteristic mature flavor is exceptionally moist and delicious it is。
Flounder moved the flavor of cum click texture is fine。
Here you will、The State of the fish of the day、Fine is it changing you 〆。



ALA is Suzuki's Companion。And、As Suzuki、Celebrate the season in early summer。
ToyamaBut fish rarely catch the phantom。
Kyushu in quest of so that is called "Alla"、Que and seems to often be mistaken for。
Very few catches、Fewer fish store that sells in a pretty high grade fish、
Is generally little is known?。
Also I dust the crunchy and sweet、ALA seems to be the distinctive scent and aftertaste。



The subject comes into season from spring to summer。So different taste and different food at the same subject。
White shrimp is a favorite subject、Coy wash、Firefly squid.、
This time of year、And eat lots of white shrimp、Certainly not sweet!


"Fish broth soup

This soup is boiled in water and fish bones、Shrimp shells along the finishing with bonito。
Without any seasoning salt also miso, soy sauce、It is to feel the flavor of the fish spread that rich juice。



This natural tuna's 130 kg of nachikatsuura, Wakayama。
32009、Mainstream is small tuna from the Japan Sea, small islands of iki (Nagasaki)、
Caught in the net for soft body quality、No power to acquire for relatively early of Amorphophallus variabilis tend to。
As a result、Large such katsuuragawa Wakayama Prefecture has been useful。
The places on the sweet than the winter, such as OMA tuna、
Ambiance is the tuna、Lean often contain iron and sour、Spring inshore tuna distinctive scent、Sour taste。
But we are generalizing recently matured meat or fish、
Oxidation of the verge is tasty、Tuna aged moderately increasing sweetness、Guests can enjoy the luscious texture。


"真iwashi seaweed 〆 '

Seasonal fresh sardines、And torotto texture, flavor and delicious.。


"The eel roll

Because it is not a time of conger eel、It provided the eel。
Eel charcoal skin as crisp as's、
With a nice crisp and crunchy cucumber thinly shredded saga Nori is best。
If you use a conger eel in、Tsukiji referred to Japan's "We cane"With fixed、
But seems that is stocked just one among them called the Special、
Seasonal mayFrom seems to come not。


"While in glutinous rice baked ice"

Finish salt sea water swimming fish and delicious story of that dessert taste、Sensibly arranged owner。
Skin made of glutinous rice is crisp and、Crispy and good sound is the sound、Light texture and flavor that extends the mouth filled。
Gelato making dairy's in Noto, Ishikawa Prefecture "Marugagelato"Is it to ask、Salt gelato making。
In the exquisite balance of salt and sweet、Many customers who come to enjoy this、
Even to this day、While who has had a second helping of the ice cream came、解rimasu that I want to do better.


Bush tea and Uji Matcha blend

70It can feel most sweet tea BREW in a temperature of。
According to dessert、Sensibly arranged us different types of tea。

At a reasonable price、This story right now、Choice ingredients、Full of personality and performance of。
ToyamaOnly of you can enjoy the wonderful sushiSushi manAnd it is recommended!


At Mr. sushi、Most recommended in Toyama and resort hotelGARAKUWith the collaboration project、Toyama City mei shop free transfers with plan entitled、"Sushi people (sushijinn)"Mr. to'sDinner transportation planHas been established。If you are interested please see WEB site!


Sushi man
Toyama Prefecture Toyama Shin-nezuka-machi 3-5-7 TEL:076-422-0918
Hours of operation:12:00-14:00 18:00-21:30 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

3-5-7 Shin-nezuka-machi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

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