Establishment WA 0/1924 "culinary valve one" long-established culinary craft extremity course


Foundation1924And at the end of last year90AnniversaryEstablished Hamamatsu greeted relishes city "Japanese cuisine Benichi"Mr.。
Their appearance not only food, tasteful、For each sum of the quiet room。
Arranging and great number of indicators、And、And gathers the shopkeepers attention at the bar、
At that time in the season, carefully crafted and、Is provided in the spirit of hospitality.


3TeenThe handed over the main current of goodwill has been in perpetuity、Junichi SuzukiSan。
0/1991From the shop up、That started.、We shake the arms request from across the country hard to find ingredients and seasonal ingredients、
For a wealth of knowledge of sake suited for cooking and wine、Would be good to leave。
Advantage of the ingredients、Some even while sum based on Western elements、
Can be enjoyed neat meals rich in originality.



Printmaker in the Kiga ceramistHayashi KazuichiPlease welcome Mr. Daisaku。
When this building was built、Depicting as tanyu is adorned on the front door and just want to try and mounted renewed five years ago, when。
From the entrance the traditional incense with a breath、Please proceed to the second floor, go up the stairs.


Is your store、1Name-10 to accommodate private room available only。
A full seat warmer for、Legroom is easier to、It is possible to spend hours slowly。
For the counter、1Become a private space for your pair of (reservation required)。
Sitting comfortably on Mario Bellini Chair、Would be wonderful dishes, where you can enjoy the best sake。

This time the、2To 6 people available "Miyabi"Kindly provide。
On this day、Course seasonal meals 12960 YenPlease have a。

Day seats / 11:45-13:30 (last order)
-Senior-grade lunch box (dezaatotsuki) 2200 Yen
● shokado Bento (dezaatotsuki) ¥ 3500

Night seats / 17:30-21:00 (last order)
Parlor per person from 10 persons
-Seasonal cooking course
12,960Circle (one day prior to reservation)
(Service charge costs)
-90 anniversary of "seasonal kaiseki" * popular demand provides continued
6,480Circle, (reservation one day in advance)
(Service charge costs)


750 Yen beer GARGERY (Gallery)

"GARGERY (Gallery)"The、Domestic premium beer produced in food and beverage stores limited。
Stand out personality、On the other is not an attractive beer、
The various flavors vary depending on temperature、Tasteful、Rich and full of、
Guests can enjoy a drink brought about by an exquisite balance of sweet and bitter tastes, ease of use。
More than anything、To the glass is amazing!
Glass base is placed on the desktop、That is a rare thing not stable glass plugs、It is beautiful!
So drunk the wrong plug down requires care (laughs)


"Appetizers" Heavenly beans (made in hamakita) as.、Grilled shiitake mushrooms (Okui River production) bean curd sauce、Real swell fish Milt (made in Japan) Amber bags

Quick freezer after Harada plantations of hamakita heavenly beans (Fava Beans)、What luxury tossed in the Sea Urchin。
A revolving soft Squid in soy sauce。
Okui River in bean curd sauce nod and shiitake mushrooms made by 滝浪 (in the mountains of Shizuoka)。
The swell of、Will freshen and cool amber edges.


"Rebuilding" edible wild plants Tempura (buds、Strainer oil)

The shopkeeperSuzukiIs it at his feet in the misakubo breakfast gPhone over the bud oil and cod Tempura。
Carissacug cloth and lightly、It's good fun, slightly bitter, Greens seasoning with salt.


Worn thin "soup" peas (from Kyoto) sinks、Encounter lick (omaezaki production)、Aiko (Yamagata,)

In the Northeast "Aiko"The edible plants is known by the name、Food is 4-5 days of。
Wild Mania "Aiko"Dance with joy and find that gem?。
Is a distinctive aroma.、Nice crunchy、Without a habit, it is delicious。
And the encounter lick soft、Taste light cemetery if the grate sink goes well!


Valve oneAnd it is that sake is good and I have been know、
Considering the body、RecommendedIMO shochuDecided to get small portions in the lock。
Your potato is as follows。

"GoTo Nada" (Nagasaki prefecture)
0/2007 small collection of opening at production, rare。
The GoToThe were charged with black malt, and use only balanced Golden sengan sweet potato shochu。Savory、Strong-tasting。

Postage C (Kagoshima Prefecture)
Postage in the familiar "SATA, 2"More limited edition C (100)
Is the manufacturing process such as brandy distillation of indirect heating with a new type of shochu。
Distillation to take care、Taste crisp, sophisticated self-service。
Product name "C" stands for 100 in Roman numerals、Means indirect heat distilled 100%。

Yoichi 10 years (Kagoshima Prefecture)
Of the total master brewerKurose yasumitsuThe "drunk 10 years", said the、2002 yearWhat10 yearLaid in is a limited edition and rare 200。
Every year "of Satsuma Satsuma morohakubaked sweet potato" of sake master brewer technology and、Due to seasonal work and love to care、10Over the years it is ripened and sweet potato shochu。
In the years that ticks along、Full of aroma and deep、Gently sweet and mellow。

"Grand Cru wine liquor Lele" (Kagoshima Prefecture)
Hanging rice sake "Yamada Nishiki"Generous、Using the Golden chosen sengan sweet potato。
Guests can enjoy refined gastronomy, in yeast coupled with the aroma of sweet potato used rich fragrance wine yeast。


Sweet potato shochu at lock and、Light beam emerges glass、Water Tin Cup as the best Chaser、
Ice also kachi, who put out by dividing ice、Fine as far it is nice!


"Sashimi" sea bream (maisaka)、Is feeling ware Frost (maisaka)、Namdangli cockle、Radish seaweed tightening、Sauted、Already IMO

Sea bream、And firm body、Enjoy a light and sweet、
Rummage through the child of Spanish mackerel、By quickly increases the aroma、As the feel good fat。
Big namdangli cockle is wearing thick and chewy bite response and may give you。
Kyo Vegetables mizuna in a kind of vegetables,、And full of flavor while in leaf vegetables、
Such as radishes also tangle easily and to、Spared the hassle, seems to have been love vegetables!


"Pottery" Wakasa yaki red Predator (from Mikawa)、With Japanese pepper sauce

Is mellow and thick sauce combined pureed into a budding wild lily、
Was burned and plump red size, is good!
The instrument、We just blockbuster as a printmaker in the Kiga ceramistHayashi KazuichiIs it inKisetoIt is。
Sumptuous dining experience enjoying the instrument is numerous moments of bliss.


"Pot" milk drinking Kobato liver sauce (Ibaraki)、White asparagus (made in France) yolk sauce

Mimas types of pigeons have been produced with tugay Kobato
For the grilled over toasted and plump、Very savory、Meat was moist and finish、Umami has been condensed.
Rich sauce with liver-friendly!
No yolks vinegar cider vinegar sauce、Was I feeling such as sauce hollandaise sauce
Enjoy the sweetness and texture of white asparagus from France!
Do not even think in Japanese cuisine such as Maine and the、I was shocked!
Valve oneMr. so、Since the game is as good、I want to forward to that time of year again!


"Rice" bracken (Kubota industrial water) rice book trout topped with

For freshly cooked rice is put plenty of mushy bracken、Finish of the meal even better slippery throat is (laughs)
And golota was cut this trout is also on a roll refined fat is best!


Miso soup of clams 'soup' (from Mikawa)

The Asari a Roundhouse、Great Mikawa from mineral water from upstream Toyokawa。
Is its rich flavor condensed flavor of Asari miso soup!


Cucumbers "Pickles"、Carrot、Chinese cabbage

Pickles are easily and gracefully.


"Dessert" sum wasanbon-Panna cotta

Rich Panna cotta made with wasanbon,
High-quality sweet wasanbon and brown sugar to caramelize, adding whipped cream sauce。
Instead of red bean、Using lentils have been unceremoniously finishing is also nice!


Valve one third generation owner:Junichi Suzuki
Taisho era founded in Hamamatsu Japan restaurant "valve one" third。After graduating from Waseda University、And training in Osaka、Inheriting the family business, to present。

Nicely appointed with attention to、
At best give us welcomed with great hospitality、You can enjoy the splendor of Japanese。
Not to mention the meeting in a local、Guest outside of customer's would surely delight in entertaining, etc.!
SuzukiSan、We'll also suggested.

Culinary Arts valve ichi
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sakana-Cho 313-13 TEL:0120-88-2216
Hours of operation:17:30-23:00( L.O.21:30) * Lunch by appointment only
Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku town relishes 313 -13

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