"Something true original Castle" Katayama chef's full-course dinner at social gatherings


From the Viola, as French is located near Richmond Hotel Hamamatsu 1 'Gang true original Castle"Mr.。
There in the hotel、Warm and friendly atmosphere、
Modern and stylish, and restaurants in a space filled with luxury、
Incorporating the Italian taste、Provides creative French casual line.


Shop、Simple and modern design atmosphere in、And the table space。
By using the screen at the back、Also available as a single room (up to 18 persons)。
Used as a meeting place for many customers in gastronomy held regularly throughout the year、
A bin just in the wedding party, including、Reserve a Charter flight for each event is supported。
On this day、We have booked in for my birthday and commemorate the 38-year-old husband's birthday。
Dinner course is A course 3500 Yen、B course 5500 Yen、Among the three courses of course C 7000 Yen、
C course: ¥ 7000Select、
Katayama Hiroshi Kuniyoshi(On the other hand paralysis completely)Incorporating the ingredients stick chef's looking at eating and delicious
May special order the chef's cooking.


On this day "Hamanako Royal Hotel"The ManagerLargeSumo andOgawa DaisaburoWith his party.。
"Shin gang 四tsu池"The indebted at the timeMizuguchi Tomoaki (みずぐちちあき)Manager
You for permission ago bringing in wine、There is first of all cheers!


See Clément de Bourgogne / Chardonnay "France Burgundy

Champagne not far from 100% Chardonnay grown in Burgundy near Clément。
And Clement、Built using the champagne and the same traditional method (bottle in the secondary fermentation method)、
Sparkling wine being built in the area was established in France in、
Are known as comparable to champagne tasting Clément。
Is dry and crisp citrusy scents high chair!


LargeChan,、Closely guarded teachings in the camera Department of the husband、
Experience value.、Camera arm is better and forced。
Today, some great photos and posted on blog、It is one of the popular bloggers。
On this day、The big job for the New camera "Cannon EOS Kiss X7"With has been taken。
Angle from below has been master brilliantly!
LargeChan's lovely blog URL

DAI & # 8217s; S BAR journal: Beppu Univ. bar


"Cocktail glass with fresh fish marinade、Dry shrimp and seaweed cake sale.

Halfbeak, subject、Marinated and shell、Summer attire is a refreshing jelly with using addition and subtraction white balsamic vinegar。
Addition and subtraction vinegar、A vinegar broth and mirin、Those with mild acidity, light soy sauce, mixed with。
The pintxos、Cerasale of the aroma of mixed dry shrimp and seaweed together.


Rye bread

With plenty of olive oil and fresh!


"Grilled white asparagus (from Aizu)、Salad "

Aizu white asparagus grilled on charcoal roasted、
In the Carbonara sauce for hot and cold salad and will。
Roosted yolk and Mimolette cheese sauce。
Unlike the domestic white asparagus produced in France and、Texture and enjoy!


"Bernhard, Hoover vaisaburgnder 2013 ' Germany
"WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER winebtikkpanie Musa played script shop"In the

As the world's best brewery "Bernhard Huber"ofVaisaburgnderThe、
The barrel portion for、Together with barrel aroma、
Looks better in classy fragrance like the white flower of the grape。
Concentrated fruit flavors and creamy and full-bodied flavor。
More flavor so just chill I feel!


"Jelly sweet daughter (from Iwata)、Served with whipped cream.

Iwata's sweet daughter that seems to start picked again、This year's sweet daughter.。
Sweet girl、Sugar content17DegreeIs、Is known as the corn you can eat raw。
One can enjoy intense sweetness and flavor.


"Steamed lobster and Zucchini with flowers"

Flowers with Zucchini served with lobster
Enjoy wrapping up gentle and soft steamed lobster POO。
Two kinds of source ソースクリスタッセ shellfish and green peas sauce!


"Silas 2013 /Lucy Margaux / Wine diamonds "Australia
"WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER winebtikkpanie Musa played script shop"In the

The "Lucy Margaux.、 Anton Juan Cropper, a former chef with the name of his daughter, founded the winery。
Cute etiquette、We are using illustrations depicting the Princess Lucy。
All grapes harvested are fermented with wild yeast、
To prevent temperature control、Wines come along differs in taste every year。
In addition to transform by the flavor of the grapes that are harvested each year blend or cuvée、
Not made almost the same style of wine、Complementary acid also chaptalization do not、
Do not use any additives, such as fining agents, enzyme Vin will be。
While brewing does not use none of the SO2、 Is only a very small amount of 35 ppm used SO2 during bottling。
Age and Silas from the Rhone region of France for the first time brought Schiller species to Australia the breed name。
Schiller's "Shirasu" and accent 、Further Shiraz called to become.。
Originally, Silas、In the wine was made in teacher and student Lucy Margaux and Yau Ma、
Harvest and grape halves of each other、Each other in each way through brewing、
In the last 50:50In blend, but was released until 2012、
2013From the year、Lucy Margaux alone and starting to BREW "Shirasu"。
The "Shirasu" makes such a thing Lucy Margaux、Taste like her body in pure gentleness!


"Sauteed Red Snapper (Osaka industrial dance)"

Pan Fried snapper Mai Hanna from
With confit daikon radish in milk with olive oil and salt and water tender fire was。
And Bacon-flavored foam source
Anchovy、Capers、Black olive tapenade on baguette saffron sauce、Parsley sauce.


"Saute 1 black shamo (omaezaki production)"

1 black shamo of omaezaki from thigh and breast meat sautéed with black pepper Diable sauce.。
On the side、Princess ginseng and asparasobergiu、Horseweed fritters、Served with mustard greens。
Do not use chemicals during the breeding、
Micro-organisms and rice、Raised in special feeds such as seaweed and dried bonito、
Making environment difficult and contaminating microorganisms, and added to the barn、
130Day-finally shipped, over the long tract of years 170 days。
Are such brand chicken 1 black shamo、Enjoy the crunchy flesh with pride、Enjoy the delicious taste!


"White chocolate and coconut Blancmange、Watermelon Gelee and sorbet.

Layer using brown sugar Jello、Blanc-Manger fragrant coconut milk and white chocolate in the Middle、
And top with watermelon Gelee and sorbet、Seeds of watermelon and chocolate finish。
Tasted like old ice sakaba playful is filled with cool desserts!



And the business trip abroad、In addition to the new event story、
In addition to the、LargeRight on listening to the Grand Hotel concept、We have spent a good time!
LargeChan、Next time please do at home!


Just、Katayama Hiroshi KuniyoshiShow the face, under the chef at work "Shin gang 四tsu池"of上唐湊 SolsticeChef
Rare photos of the two men is a photo!
SolsticeAnd it's debuted in casual clothes?! (Lol)
From this two delicious dishes to enjoy.

Gang true original Castle
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, former castle town 218-1 Richmond Hotel Hamamatsu 1F TEL:053-450-5571
Hours of operation:11:30-15:00(Last order 14:00) 18:00To 22:00(Last order 21:00) Closed:On Tuesday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku from Castle town 218-1

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