Reasonable meal meat restaurant features the flavor pleases ya Miki and' butcher shop


Located across from the create Hamamatsu "Taste Hotel sugicho butcher shop"Is it to meat restaurant that features"Hearton Hotel Kyoto taste"Mr.。Is first opened、It's approximately 100 years ago from now、Of the current4Second generationTheYuichi SugiyamaMr. Mark everlasting、Our family has been Palazzo。Over the counter.、Not to mention the meat cutlet and croquettes、Meat dishes are sold。And a meat restaurant、Meat butcher shop that provides a reasonable。Lunch、Curry set 700 yen、Chicken and set meal ¥ 800、Items such as tonkatsu teishoku, fin and set meal ¥ 900、Meat in the main meal volume plenty! Lunch at this price、In the evening the price tax8%Are subject to。In the evening、Butcher's menu、Yasuki Shabu Shabu with excellent dish is in the popular shop!


Shop、Counter 5 seats、Table seats 4 people x 2、Tatami room seats 6 × 3、It is possible to accommodate approximately 40 people in two rooms of private。During the day on weekdays、Salaried people eat and stamina to crowded flights, as well as!


On this day、Round eight real estate groupFor Viola, B1 engagedAprecioOf the ManagerYamauchi based,And wifeYoshimiAnd with your son's lunch! In the friend married couple loves eating out、2 people who have dreams and in future want to do on their own small shops。Now all experience different learning and、Can play active roles in various fields has been positive initiativesBased on Tsukasa。And efforts must be supported by of one's wifeYoshimiChan。See going with between two people when they grow up son her face is glad and relieved。Better family relations、It is my most precious treasure it!


See tonkatsu teishoku"900 yen

As a nice thick Pork cutlet、Surface is crispy and the inside is relatively soft up.。May prefer personally was already a little moist and fleshy。Cucumber sliced cabbage、Comes with a candied lemon and orange cut。Garnished with mustard and sour, so with your choice.、Another dish chuno sauce。However,、At this price you、There are tons of money!


Flavor fried meal of chicken 900 yen

Is chicken baked with skin surface、The flavour and has been burned and、Pretty solid first season continues rice。The spicy、Not so much。In this shredded cabbage、Slice cucumber、Comes with a cut Orange。


Small bowl set "macaroni saladMacaroni、Cucumber、Onion、Salad with ham and mayonnaise dressing。


Set of table d'hote "rice、Wakame and tofu soup、Japanese pickles.

Rice platter firmly in the eyes、Would be glad voluminous men。However,、During the"Rice below average and best regards! 」For less costly, times of food is out of order and asked who I was (laughs)、It is recommended for lunch meat and I want to make.

And flavor pleases ya Miki
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku ride town 3-3 TEL:053-452-2668
Hours of operation:11:30-14:0017:00To 22:00( L.O 21:00-
Closed on Mondays:Sunday、Holidays

3-3 Express, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi

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