Hotel "Tokyu harvest Club Atami izusan&VIALA "to stay & fireworks display Atami


Membership was a comfortable ease such as hotel and Villa got a joy both resort hotel "Tokyu harvest Club"From last summer、2013On August 11.To seeTokyu harvest Club Atami izusan&VIALA"Newly opened。Located on a hill overlooking Sagami Bay izusan、Perfect location surrounded by green mountains and the wide sea pride.、Provides the location of the views from all rooms!


Summer holidays、A member of this "One good Osteopathic hospital" And "Potato Osteopathic hospital"The Director of the teacher inKanayama, k.Is going to introduce at Bon Appetit! On this day (thank you)、There was also called Bon-last day of the public、Could keep good luck per room。12 night's in a one-room15,000CircleAnd you can stay in the low low。Since the room rate only and will be staying in a name、Glad for the families! And I'm happy to、This day's Atami offshore fireworks event date。Ken m. says"You can watch beautiful rooms ~ ♪"With that。In the evening、I think alcohol in bringing room if you are now at the beginning of fireworks appreciation and want to!


Marys in the lobby check-in、View from the side of owners like lounge is great! Was worried when the weather is sunny, show、Spectacular jumps out in front of me! (Impressed) with Director put the water in the hotel、And making the space feel the depth and sea borders is also cool, nice!


This time during the summer vacation、Friend family was getting introduced to Ken, on the same day and commemorative photo。"Beauty salon eliadukes"Choc of the owner that theToshihiro OiWith his wife in 'Nail salon Lien Lien"The manicurist at Chin toOi TomomiAnd three of the system's。Enrolled in junior high schoolRyuChan quickly becoming adult growth speed just surprise surprised (laughs) long Buri friends family and time together, became a really fun summer!


Summery clouds and blue sky。Chirping of cicadas and birds chirping are comfortable BGM。You can see the appearance for hatsushima gaping in front of and overlooking Sagami Bay。While watching the slow flowing water、You can forget the busy routine relaxing air is downright luxurious hours.


Building from a wood deck。The hotel's main building、East building、South and divided into 3 buildings。


1Available all year round "Pool garden"。Anyone can water after 被reba in swim wear swimming Cap。Like the sands of Japan in、Seems this also integrated into the boundary of the surface of the water of the swimming pool and the sea、Filled with a sense of openness。In addition to an outdoor pool、An indoor pool with Jacuzzi and、If necessary fi salt sauna and hot tub are also available.


Large outdoor pool。Many children、Is mother gracefully did feel relaxed on deck chairs.


Hotel、Floors of amusement arcades and karaoke rooms are equipped、It is possible that all the family fun!


Open-air hot spring bath with bath "Water trees"。Find in sourceAndThree major Japan Koizumi ran YuThe guests can enjoy 2 hot。Spring quality、Stronger salt with sodium and chloride high salt Onsen, neuralgia and arthritis、Have effect on recovery from fatigue。Ideal to soothe a tired body、To soak up the sweat over shoppaku to beta付ku so that remains, not in the shower.。And the big three Japan Koizumi ran Yu、Is a hot spring which is rare in Japan from。Rare in Japan about 1300 years ago found tunnel type。It is named ran hot and cold running stream water reaction results from a mountainside combination is to fly to the coast, down from。Seems to have said running water "produced water (tiny)" derives from "Izu" country!


"Open-air baths"The、Guests can pamper themselves in the wilderness and open space。People are afraid of baths、To enjoy the open-air bath room or to book a private open-air bath main floor two and better!



This time、Will be helped by us couples room、Room 1404 East Tower 4th floorFamily (Japanese/Western room)Is!


Flat front around。Is a modern taste and refreshing!


From the modern Japanese-style atmosphere in the barefoot、Can the Chair stools quiet sea view。Spend the time while listening to the sound of the rippling luxury!


Bedroom in soothing tones to modern little Asian resort atmosphere that mixes。Here is、Get behind the previously Japanese-style、You can open the partition、Enjoys sea views from the bed comfortable.


Hair dryer and towel、Bathrobes、Yukata started.、Equipped with amenities.


VIALAThe、All hot springs open-air bath withThe auto-stop, one-button ease from taps powerfully hot springs。Has moderate temperature、Water temperature is in hot and cold water can be adjusted to your liking.


Open the all wooden window frames is。Beautiful sunset gradient、Spend the best soothing relaxing soak in the tub.


See Jean-Louis Blanc de Blanc Brut' France

Built on Sharma method dry sparkling wine。Secondary fermentation is done in stainless steel tanks、To unleash the aromas of grapes、Done, paying close attention to been kept at low temperature。Standout aromas and a delicate lather、Enjoy a dip in your throat!




To drink in the room、Before "BIO-Atsumi Epistle Hama Matsu"Is it in dry products I've purchased and cheese。Raised in supermarket chicken and salad。Drink room overlooking the sea soak in the hot springs baths、Best luxury!


"Milovan coat de Provence Rosé" France Provence

In the Collins of the Provence region、Brad PittAndAngelina JolieAs a holiday home。Professional team involved in brewing Committee of champagne and Chateau Lafite Rothschild of Provence from an experienced oenologist Laurance bellmon was responsible for the wine making、2012Perrin family also owns Chateau de beaucastel, famous birthday as a partner、Viticulture、Wine-making、Has entrusted the sale。White flowers and picking a delicate aroma and fresh strawberries。Palate is complex and、Raspberry and wild strawberry、Herb、Citrus fruits、Feeling up flavor, such as wet-stone、Kept fresh thanks to the high altitude (350 m) acid、Rounder long Limey.。A charming Rosé chilled in the summer months, enjoy! The rosé wine Spectator magazine selected the world's no. 1! Brad and Angie love Fellowship、Make a toast with the deepening love rose here let us (lol)、In advance "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER wine boutique Pannier' Is it in and purchased and brought!


At least because it came in the room to play Ryu and commemorative photo。The body grows、Liu still possesses the innocence inside her。Immense so cute my son to her and becomes jealous of MOM.、With it (laughs)


Each unfolded at Bay of Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, the annual meeting "Atami Fireworks 2010"。Will be held this year、2014In 7 / 21 (Mon) ~ 8 / 29 (Fri)In between the、7/21(Mon.)、26(Sat.)、8/5(Tuesday)、8(Friday)、17(Days)、20(Water)、29(Friday)The has been held over seven days。To be launched without interruptionAbout 5000 roundsThe Fireworks20Hour 20 minute ~ 20:50The big unfolding within the short time of 30 minutes for、Breath-taking in its great power! Eyeball is each Big Sky finale, Niagara。From the entire venue to be launched simultaneously and、Sunlight silver light、Around wrapped in the glow like daytime、Because it is a bowl-shaped landscape surrounded by mountains、Enjoy the sound effects, such as Stadium.



Although no appreciation in the near、Fireworks are also watching from afar have is b I think。Soak in the bath、And extravagant appreciation of wine and listening、During summer vacation the best! (Inspirational)


So I was looking for and the Sunrise Hotel and highly recommended!、Set alarm ago the sunset at 5 in the morning、Watching the glow of beautiful skies and sea bath soak、Celebrated the fresh morning! (Max! ) This single is Ken, thanks! Really really thank you! (Thanks for inspiring! ) So I also want to visit by all means next year、Come on everyone, Ken, and I am happy!

Tokyu harvest Club Atami izusan&VIALA
Shizuoka Atami izusan 824 TEL:0557-80-0109

Shizuoka Atami izusan 824

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