Appearance, such as "now and forever" Castle and gardens overlooking the elegant full-course lunch

Sat quietly as mokuren's Hamamatsu Kita Toda、Like feeling the profound sense of presence with plenty of castles "Café & Restaurant now and forever "To!

Symbol tree where you can admire the gardens and farms in this 3000 square meters spread there and forever also became a great location、As the car company's familiar "Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"Treat combines the history of Maserati SUV would be first Levante (Levante) shines stately!

After training in Tajimi, Gifu、In Italian "Lake Hamana grandxiv" in "luccicore"、The chef in the Italian and French has been loaded about 10 years trainingOnoue, ShigeakiAnd I'm 12/3/2013 (Tuesday) cleber、Reopened as a restaurant "café & restaurant now and forever.。Onoe chefs use technology have been cultivated so far、It provides mainly subsistence by the fusion of Eastern and Western colonial France cuisine!

The restaurant、Location、Taste、Cospa、Excellent balance, such as the personality of the chef、In Hamamatsu we best and favorite to become the restaurant、Also one of the legs to carry friends from far away and can recommend restaurants。The nice atmosphere of the night、By far the most recommended afternoon still lush gardens with views!

This time the、Book in advance and leave it to the Onoe chef、1Million order full-course lunch ¥!

Toast with sparkling wine Italy ornate gold bottle of fabulous wealth "EPSILON SPUMANTE BRUT GOLD (Epsilon spumante Brut gold)"!
In "to jaw soup with plum in Suruga Bay from flying fish marinated rum soaked cloth melon" suit。
漁re surface, lightly marinated and fresh flying fish、With the aroma of Carpe diem、Under the、With jaw soup was traditional to elegant white gourd、Jelly-like robe falls beautifully on the surface、Plum pickled ginger Curry flavor to accent it with Rum is fresh and appetite!
Also writer of Tajimi, attract the eye is fascinating!

"Came the nithi Hamana Lake molluscs and snails France Burgundy-style Hamana Lake from seaweed rice flour bread sauce.
To be as big as Sazae-San、Its taste is sometimes referred to as Turbo over nithi shellfish and snails alignment、Is cooked in white wine of Burgundy、To explore the flavor of the clams and bouncy!
Garlic and parsley、Entangled the rich aroma of spicy shallot butter、Ideal companion for the wine!
Enjoy the fragrance of mixed seaweed rice flour bread、Also hot was glanced past intersect it with the source in the texture of the cake、2 degrees!

"Haruno-Cho natural Ayu confit and three native potato ginger and truffle sauce.
The natural water and carefully finished with confit about 8 hours、Fun bones from their、For are hidden inside miso paste with perilla、Scent can be enjoyed over and over again!

"Served with butternut's cold soup Suruga Bay bouchot mussels with soy foam.
Sweet butternut squash in the soup will。Spoon has cooled and the King、When it comes to cool its superb bite!
Fresh mussels、Not hesitate to butternut richness、Full and packed with flavor、So if you fancy sweetness that really stand out!

Select a white wine of Chile in front of the fish、The "MONTES ALPHA CHARDONNAY (Montes Alpha Chardonnay).。

"SURUGA Bay tilefish Meanwhile Philoctetes baked Haruno-Cho caviar and lobster tartar with towel and source.
Scales of sea bream fish in our regular menu is crunchy! Skin's texture in parisparis fun、While is Onoe chef's trick look plump and moist!
Match started off in sturgeon farming Haruno-Cho in sweet chili pepper to the sautéed lobster caviar、That balance of spicy! Φ(*'Д' * )Goldfrapp

Meat dishes、A fruity Bordeaux "LE HAUT MEDOC DE GISCOURS (le Haut Médoc de giscours).。

"3-year-old caught in the Sakuma Mt. Hart fillet with roast organic Shizuoka Koshihikari rice NET fat wrapped fig Roast with red wine sauce.
By reserving in advance、Ensure you buy best deer meat!
And this time in burning an exquisite beautiful rose color、When it comes to taste this fillet of unequaled! And roasted、It is best brought out the sweet figs with also!(〃)Be Eulalia ')So Delicious!
High-quality lean meat power fuelled power source for、And naturally you want body!

Your hot coffee for dessert、With mousse, Earl Grey with glass Banyu Orange tuile
And love are finished in this gray and elegant mousse! Excellent crunchy texture and chemistry of Orange accompanied onto the tuile.
The hospitality Onoe's us entertained till the very end、Blissful time was enjoyed! Ms. Onoe、Thanks!

Café & Restaurant now and forever
Address: Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Cho 8501-2
Hours of operation:11:00To 22:00(Last order 21:30-
* Lunch 11:00-14:00(Last order 13:30-
Closed on Mondays:Thursday
Parking lot:Aerobic

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