Kakegawa's ' La Noisette Cafe bistro "with Bystrov wrench


On the day before in bond、Regret for the trip to makinohara next Monday for lunch、Book by phone on the day, it was、Nicely done ago "La Noisette Bistro Cafe"Is going to have revenge。Even to this day albeit with weekday、It is packed。Next table and come by chance Mrs. low city tenants also, I was surprised、It let's the event. and greetings。Here is、In aiming at Home France-Bistro taste France restaurant、As well as high-quality domestic ingredients are food or wine of France、Vinegar、Spice、Mixed with herbs、Country style Pate、Marinated salmon、Beef rump steak、Confit of duck、Provides the ingredients only, such as foie gras dish Bistro menu。In the relaxing atmosphere of laid-back café with lunch、Enjoy evening wine bit feel free to listen until the day range from your everyday is so nice your store available。


Today、Mini salad + main dish + dessert + meal and drinks 1680 Yen。


"Mini salad"

While in mini and、Will be glad to stay sharp hand salad。But tomatoes here are so sweet and delicious、Carrot salad with good balance.。The taste may be divided、Is relatively strong for sour dressing。


"RIYL cutlery'

Cutlery of the riyal and love at home。Beautifully designed, good performance and be able to use、Above all bee motif is lovely。



Speaking French、Source。So this source is also very tasty bread go。I will put another Cup bread。


France produced fledgling roast Diable source

My boyfriend is the main selection。Our luxury baby chicken, young and energetic people has become a dish。Enjoy 10 minutes into the fire in a soft, exquisite chicken seems to be flexible。


Warm salad of France duck thigh confit with lentils with

Click here for a duck to me without hesitation, order。Left in that crisp the skin on the line without the last-minute flavor to fend off to curricula and in getting and bone meat most can pull as tender and delicious。Also a unique source of lentils together and taste go deep, wonderful。This potion is just a high CP!


"Orange crème caramel.

Enjoy the refreshing, if the Orange pulp and source、It is smooth on the tongue crème caramel。Sweetness and gently hooked now。


"Hot Gateau Chocolat anglaise sauce

So have kept my cool softness、Really moist and tender and flavorful in light of Gateau Chocolat。Relatively、Gateau Chocolat was stout and heavier than good、This is my favorite in this。



In haste a little a time that wasn't there、Unusual order the espresso。And you melt a little sugar、Very tasty。Small opportunity I visit to Kakegawa、Shop when you come at you want to visit first!

La Noisette café bistro LA NOISETTE CAFE BISTRO
Kakegawa josai 1-Chome 5-1 TEL:0537-28-7039
Hours of operation:11:30 -15:00(L.O 13:30) 18:00~ 22:00(L.O 20:30) Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

1-5-1, josai Kakegawa city

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