Casual lunch at Kakegawa 'Bistro Bernard–Soulier"





Sunday lunch is packed pretty reserved in it is difficult.。However,、So much unfamiliar Act of booking we will act on the spur、Sure enough、No shops planned in Kakegawa、Ask away day and night because it didn't have enough time、Was told the lunch also is that 'Bistro Bernard–Soulier"And I to have to bother you。Is too crowded、The number of seats available, safe。Owner and Chef have fusion cuisine couscous was originally Yuya-Kun。We decided to get lunch in a hurry exchanged greetings。


Lunch menu、6Great choice in the type of。

Appetizers、Fish dish of the day、Rice or bread、Drink 1260 yen (fresh fish of the day recommended)
Appetizers、Today's meat dishes、Rice or bread、Drink 1260 yen (meat of the day recommended)
Appetizers、Pasta of the day、 Bread、Drinks (such as oil and tomato in the pasta of the day recommended) ¥ 1260
Appetizers、Pizza of the day、 Bread、Drink 1260 yen (recommended pizza of the day, 4 varieties)
Mexican tacos plate、PITA 1050 yen
Appetizers、Dish of the day ¥ 1050 ~ (Curry was on this day)


Heaping salads, appetizers

The last、It is sometimes a salad is the Kakegawa shop tend to store tomatoes are sweet and delicious!
In addition to、Okra, sweet potatoes and pumpkins, colorful and well、I am happy with the salad dressing is delicious。


Spring cabbage, bacon and tomato sauce pasta

Select the pasta dish of the day is my boyfriend。Here the ingredients together, you can choose in the oil system or tomato based sources。Has been used thin spaghetti、Out relatively firm and the volume would be pleasing to men because it will come with me bucket volume。


Grilled chicken

I select a meat dish of the day。Only on the skin surface was thick thigh meat with herbs、In good taste very juciy。Also added under the mashed potatoes!。





In the interest of meeting time、Was it a little hurried lunch、And calm space.、The guests will be dining in style at the counter chatting with chefs feel free to、Shop casual to good use.。Chef Yuya-Kun embarrassment contributions to photography。Thank you ♪ I ask slowly.

Bistro Bernard–Soulier Se lier a
Kakegawa City Southern 2-8-1 Newtown Bill 105 TEL:0537-23-8466
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00( L.O.13:30) 17:00-23:00(L. O.)
Closed on Mondays:Monday、On the third Sunday

Kakegawa City Southern 2-8-1

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