"Silks Place Tainan" Bar "Glass House" Game in the Thirty-Six Stratagems cocktail !


"Confucians"Theme"Confucius Temple"The image、
The coexistence of old and modern design has been applied
"Silks Place Tainan"The 4th floor standing poolside bar
"Glass House"Now、Chairs made from rattan and water shadow、Through the window of the iron-barred window in floral、
And the emotion of ancient and modern space、Guests can enjoy a variety of drinks and cocktails.


Spend quiet time with shoot out Sparks on the surface of the water "Glass House"。
Lounge seats、You can choose from or on the outdoor terrace seating。
Terrace seats comes the soothing breeze、Overlooking the moonlit romantic, atmospheric space.


Shop、In the middle there the long table and sofa、
On the wall、Provides deep sofa can sit and relax on the small round table、
Will see the appearance of the legs, relax guest。
Engaged in trade and commerce between the food in、Supplying organic vegetables grown
"Enegy House Agricultural Cooperatives"The owner farmerTomo LinWith the party、
Female General ManagerRebecca LeeAlong with going to spend in the bar!


Live performance of the band made in the ordinary、Have fun with live music!


We have、This time of lade[Traditional handicrafts of Japan to travel the silk series]As、
Toyama Prefecture Nanto boasts a history of over 140 years in the city "Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd."The traditional handicraft"Barge silk mat"And
"SILK Fairy for Bath"Silks Place TainanFor we introduce to you!
We will introduce youMatsui silk weaving co.,ltd.Of the product、With excellent local products Japan should be proud "The Wonder 500"Also has been elected、
The other day、"Taiwan Design Expo 2015"But published in the exhibition
"Johanas"The silk and company。

Matsui silk weaving co.,ltd.Handle "Barge silk"、2Three silkworm weaves together power
Woven with miracle dupioni[Crystal of love of two]Give birthIs a great fabric come。
Before you travel to Taiwan from Japan、Japan celebrates traditional crafts of Japan-Taiwan relations better[Marriage]As possible.、
You choose the products, we have been awarded。
Silk shot so delicate yet dignified strength and presence、Bring the sense of sheer, soft and light "Barge silk"The place mats。
And、Enjoy the scent of cherry blossoms "SILK Fairy for Bath"The、
In a deep sea water of Toyama Bay and containing minerals make skin moist、Guests can enjoy beauty and skin!
GM feel blameless in the dignified simplicityRebecca LeeTo
Whats we presented pure white silk。
Our hotel nameSILKStuck with the because、You very glad and honored!


Director ofEdward ChenAnd BAR ManagerCharles Hsuis、
Devised by the staff in the bar
There are interesting original cocktails and our surprise! (Xie Xie! )


He prepared for "Thirty-Six Stratagems"And in a large wooden box was written、
What! It is said the jaburo tea cocktails here!
"Thirty-Six Stratagems"、Art of war book of the middle ages China tactics in the war to stage 36 Street summarizes the separate。
I would say the art of war is heck cocktails and how lead!


And I opened the wooden box、36Piece tea set becomes complete.、It contains 36 street art。
Each cocktail、Whiskey or brandy、Gin, rum,
And 36 Street produced the Taiwan tea, tea and cocktails!


For more information of each blend is depicted on the menu。
Left side is a Chinese tea、The right side is divided into two large as Western Tea、
Brandy from the top、Whiskey、Tequila、Jin、Lamb、With vodka hard Erika、
Original cocktail creation strategy best fit!


36 numbered bamboo sticks of bamboo, vigorously up and down and wave、
Fit the number came out and ran a single cocktail
Cocktails will drink to order from that game!
Because it is a very unique idea、At once Moriagare Well if the order in the companion


Immediately、To start the game and is the first bamboo sticks、"02 meter Weiweijiuzhao"I get!
"Enemy without concentrate in 1 place、Tired from the efforts to destroy。"The strategy that makes sense in、
Tieguanyin tea (oolong tea) and the lamb was mixing cocktails and。
To be divided by tea、Is alcohol a moment weak guess、There is also a split with strong degrees of cocktails。
From the top down as alcohol is due to increased、
Meaningful punishment is weak for liquor in the sense of a game!
For strong alcohol、Just teasing, that feeling will (laughs)
More than anything、I think pretty interesting in terms of cocktails with all ideas!


Exchanging ideas among the staff、
In the State have been working hard every day on entertaining guests、
Another very cute girls introduced to Uke's cocktail.


"Cocktail lollipop"

Women in popular cocktails such as Chupa-Chups Lolly in its adorable design is here!
From the left、White Russian、Blue Hawaii、Mai tai、
Pina Colada、Mojito Mojito、
Singapore Sling、"Article 02" weiweijiuzhao。
You can have a sweet flavor、Because child is NG。
As a cocktail to drink very strong women's Committee?!


GM'sRebecca LeeThan、We received a tea set art of war was written!
Here "Interlocking"
"Without the hit from the front、Continuously for more than one scheme or the pull of the foot each other, win。"That's the art of war。
However,、After this somehow "Notorious"To replace the US!
It means、"Rather than land and gold and silver treasures、Dare present beauty, break the power of the enemy。"The art of war。
The best strategy is not a、
The tea set "Beauty"And to be written、Simply was immersed in happy mood (lol)
Is this tea set、Silks Place TainanIn the sale。
Original cocktails of ideas "Glass House"To please come visit!

Rebecca Lee、Tomo Lin、And、Staff
Thank you ♪ (much appreciated!)

Glass House
4th floor hotel
Hours of operation:17:00-24:00
TEL:+886 6 390 3035

Silks Place Tainan
Location:No. 1, Heyi Rd, West Central District, Tainan City
TEL:+886 6 213 6290

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