The owner learned in "China Sichuan cuisine 's" authentic Sichuan Sichuan cuisine lunch

Shop owner learned about authentic Sichuan Sichuan cuisineKawashima-arrows (Junya Kawashima)And independent in Handa, let's Act City Hamamatsu、China Sichuan cuisine "China Sichuan cuisine Akutagawa(SENRYU) ' to!

"Akasaka Sichuan Shanghai Chen & # 8217s; s Dining"The Chen Ken-ichi and"Szechwan restaurant Chen(Suzanne restaurants Trinh) "of komoda kinya and mentor、With authentic Sichuan cooking techniques、In Sichuan, the home experience、Local city Hamamatsu opened in 4/2015!

Filled with restless interior with a chic shades、Available 20 seats at the counter seats and tables。
Diploma of a shopkeeper in competition of numerous award winning decorated on the wall、The richness of the experience speak for themselves!

Short-course lunch menu is prepared from the dish feel free to enjoy the day、Evening drinks rely on our à la carte dish or 2 persons from course available (all 8 dishes) 4320 Yen-such as is provided!
This time the、I've always been the restaurant crowded with lunchtime!

A short course of the lunch、"River (Sen) lunch" and 1480 "Dragon (Ryu) lunch" 1980 Yen、Or pick from 4 products single item "noodle rice Ranch" 1180 Yen。
On this day、"River (Sen) lunch" order for 1480 yen and noodle rice lunch "chop suey sauce juice near (appetizer, steamed rice, pickled with)" 1180 Yen!

"River (Sen) lunch" is、Appetizer 2 dishes、main course、Steamed rice、Ranch shop、Comes with a pickle。
As an appetizer (2 kinds)、Enjoy a crunchy texture with fried mushrooms、"Mushroom hemp mala" get into the habit of hemp on the deep flavor and moist and soft finish "steamed chicken with roasted pepper sauce" will。
Main dish is A-E 5 products choose 1 item from、This cloth is crusty and the inside oil deep-fried chicken (with Chinese) Jussieu in sour sauce helps with appetite for summer!
Instead, rice is a free、Can be upgraded by adding a +540 ¥ "shark's fin fried rice".
And served with pickled vegetables (shredded) with light ranch shop、To become a set-menu style、Volume is great!

The chop suey sauce juice buckwheat noodles rice lunch、With plenty of seasonal vegetables、Ask any thick jam hot soup noodles。
Guests can enjoy a refined taste.

While being a diner feel free to shop、The "Chinese Szechuan Akutagawa (SENRYU)" where you can enjoy authentic Szechuan cuisine、We are loved by many local people.

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