3,000At Blueberry farms in the premises of the two species of blueberries.

Sat quietly as mokuren in Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi miyakoda、Castle spoiler with Russia reveal presence of "Café & Restaurant now and forever"To the annual" came out to pick blueberries!

Symbol tree where you can admire the gardens and farms in this 3000 square meters spread there and forever will be also great location。
In its premises、Herbs to vegetables、And planted with seasonal fruit、Every year there are "Blueberries" as one of the annual events of the summer.

This year is more on climate change、Real mature than usual early、That yield is a little less。
Wait times are immature、Will we harvest the ripe blueberries and touch it with your fingers easy to fall and roll down!

The Blueberry farm "now and forever"、We get two varieties are popular in Japan and early。
On this day、Around the evening began to tilt in the afternoon sunshine to welcome farm visits、ChefOnoue, ShigeakiFacebook and is harvested along with the people who are tasked with the administration of estates.

Caught on the fly and fresh blueberries、As a gentle sweetness and good acidity in the body is a nice reward!

Blueberries grown in large quantities、And fresh, the flavor has been condensed, the small size is for minutes、Some jam to divide large size。
For Jam、And plus the richness and sweetness in makinohara and acne sugar domestic honey Honey boy、If lye is carefully、Pour lemon juice, perfect!

A boiled bottle stuffing、Gifts for people who are indebted to、Rest of yogurt or vanilla ice cream.、Pancake、To go with cream cheese on crackers、While my home is the Blueberry Festival!

Anthocyanin is a kind of polyphenol、Useful also to the vitality of the eyes、View skin in the intestines in the harmonious balance between insoluble and soluble dietary fiber、We gotta rejuvenation in the antioxidant power of blueberries!

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