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Friends of TaiwanVanessa KaoFresh water as a national design center
"UOMA Creative Design"。


"UOMA Creative Design"The concept is、
"UNique (art journal).、"Oriental (basic cause).、"Modern (elements).、"ARTS (art) "of four words consist、
To help make the idea in your lifestyle,
And with comprehensive design company to provide imaginative design in various fields to improve!


Vanessa KaoManaging freshwater Design Center
"UOMA Creative Design"We will let visitors!


In the Design Center has spacious、
Comfortable, arrange furniture and Interior goods。
Here you will、And occasional events and parties、Many guests will be brought to.


Vanessa KaoThe Secretary serves asMaggieAndRoyAnd I highly recommend!


Red and white arranged a garden view Design Chair。


And the balance of the body is bad、That balance is not a strange Chair。
Sitting and lying、You will want to check the balance of the body's own good.


Many colours of furniture placed in the Center with a white design、
Brings cheer and bright impressions!


Vanessa KaoThe business has become a diversified industrial、
One of them has a business design centre。
Among themVanessa Kaois
Gave us the description of projects inherited from the predecessor's father.


Vanessa KaoThe father is designed based on ergonomic chairs、
In Japan and Taiwan now still continue to be used.


Based on human engineering、Chair, tired body to fit the design and features are included。
Is the design we are familiar with.


"Master mind monopoly luck"、In the four-character idioms "to calculate well doing、Unique genius that "says。
The book here、Vanessa KaoFor I heard my father's books。
Design life based on ergonomics, has built his autobiography was written.


Has been green roof design center、Good very good vantage point of space.


On the roof provides a wonderful Salon!


In the corner、Vanessa KaoOf the Buddha (buddha) so、
We have to worship.


Vanessa KaoOf listening to the description of business、Spend the tea in the salon here.


Was prepared by、We will be reporting previous
"Pâtisserie Francis"of
The owner pâtissierFrancis Changis
The motherDonna ChangThe presented "Donna Cake"。
And ice cake filled with kindness girl named cake, taking the name of the mother、
In the dough and Caramelized nut cream、And in plenty of raisins with Cranberries soaked in liquor、
The salt roastmacadamian nutty texture、Ice cake opens up the flavor a lot.。
This article was last with 5 first and Taiwan travel 4/2016 travel。
So will start from the next 7/2016's Taiwan trip sixth travelogue、
Please come enjoy your posts!

UOMA Creative Design

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