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Speaking of Chinese Bush Clover Hill、OPENED in August of this year in round seven years becomes "Chinese hundred flowers"Mr.。Asked the other day "Chinese cuisine IBE"Mr., corresponds to a brother disciple from Chinese cuisine"Jing Hua - perhaps -"I。The shops here are Palazzo chef Matsushita-Kun and his wife Momo-Chan 2、Looks busy booking during the week and figure Hall-byte identifier and moving over the weekend。So there are always opened and at the same time, let、Come a little early and enjoyed、They could speak only a little bit of time and Matsushita-Kun was available。However,、At 12 o'clock for lunch was that during the flight is。


7Years now as the white walls clean overflow、The restaurant was clean and very。Seats 7 counter seats、Table 14 seats、Has become a space of tatami room seats 18、There is a popular family total putting out and group bookings are。Lunch menu is ¥ 750-you can choose from 11 different on the set of circles of 1360。Only on Sundays、Sorry no lunch deals。2Number of people at least、2,625Course meal is available by reservation。


Fish set in medaka vegetable sauce 1,360 Yen

Recommended fish dish of the day、Salad、A la carte dishes、Soup、With rice。Green bean with Madoka and steamed vegetables with plenty of hidden himself as。Bamboo shoots vegetables started.、Is a nice swing and all sorts of vegetables。


Even with both sets of "cilantro salad.

Salads like coleslaw took plenty of good flavor and coriander sauce。


Daikon radish cakes dishes with fish set

Also I click texture becomes a habit。


Rice with fish set


Fried set 800 yen

Fried rice、Salad、With soup。Is a fried rice and a nifty of the wok。


Even with both sets of "soup"


"Almond" 250 yen for dessert

100 Ka, the almond is very smooth and light system preference is。To feel more intense almond Amod。


7Years now over、Stable store、Finally came out is your style?、1Two Matsushita-Kun achieved the goals、Disciples that were previously unthinkable in mind to put in is has been like、Now Matsushita-Kun wants to recruit cooking staff told。You want to get quick work, such as in the kitchen of his statue of senjyukannonbosatsu、Please contact?!

Chinese hundred flowers
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Hagi Hill 2-40 -5
TEL:053-476-9110 Closed on Mondays:Monday
Hours of operation (Tue-sat) 11:30-14:00 17:30-22:00 (Sun.) 11:30-14:00 17:30-21:00(L.O)

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Hagi Hill 2-40 -5

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