"Such slightly fujieda headquarters ' dark world! Popular premium green tea gelato!

Establishment of fujieda in 1907, and 111-year history with long-established tea "Round 7 tea"And then run、Famous for the world's richest matcha gelato "Shizuoka Matcha Sweets Factory And the mortal"To!

While many car Street, along the National Highway No. 1 line fujieda-Shi Seto、In the shop here particularly stir the jam、Secure parking is hard!

As you enter the store、Fill the large procession of the frog people, people, people、As a tea shop opens up quite a rare sight!


Over the counter、Not to mention the sales of tea leaves、Green tea with sweets, devised and marketed、Popular and most of the、In the concentration of green tea 7 stages, can be compared to eat fresh "Matcha green tea gelato.、That most of the customers form the matrix is coming to tea some gelato!

So when are side by side in choosing order、Menu will be dealt in advance!

If the Cup、In a single 340 yen.、With double 440 yen.、Parfait topped with a whimsical and two kinds of gelato at 500 yen! If the cones、In a single 360 yen.、Double is the 460 Yen!


"Green tea gelato.、Intensity of green tea served in the 7 stages of No.1~No.7、And that "agriculture, forestry and Fisheries Minister Award" for exceptional use only no.7、Challenge to the concentration of the world's largest premium gelato is only slightly different prices and higher!

[Green tea gelato]
No.1:Faint fragrant green tea!
No.2:Balance the Matcha and milk ◎!
No.3:Moderate intensity!
No.4:Bitterness and flavor!
No.5: Good and green tea!
No.6:Matcha is big big big love to!
No.7: 1-Premium class with 6 using the green tea! The challenge of the best in the world!

Green tea in addition to "roasted" or "tea".、"Gyokuro"、Enjoy tea and Japanese tea、"Chocolate" and "black sesame"、"Plain milk.、"Seasonal gelato (the season's new tea or Mango).、Includes variations such as "fujieda highball"!

15After a long waiting of minutes we arrive at the showcase and、7Gelato stages a stunning sort of gradient、 Beautiful shades of green appear!

And I like a crispy waffle cone、For the sweet tea I'm interested too、"Agriculture, forestry and Fisheries Minister Award" premium "roasted" and "No.7" using green tea and ordered in the Double Cone 650 Yen!!

The rich No.7 to enjoy tasting the bitterness of Matcha green tea and kick in a good way、Lingering too long and too short!
Note to Flex to a strong tongue with eating green monster! (Lol)
"Hoji" is fragrantly fresh taste、Perfect for our entrees and that there is delicious!

Also、In another corner、One person just 500 yen coin、7Drinks tea in the corner can be tasted is also equipped、With the tea you can too!

Hot summer、Cafe coffee or shaved ice to enjoy good、When you need to、Right or wrong、Suites of Shizuoka tea shops and tea to try together!

Shizuoka green tea sweets factory, slightly
Location:Shizuoka Prefecture fujieda city Seto 141-4
Hours of operation:10:00To 18:00
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday (if open)

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