Journey to unexplored by COG train "line and the Southern Alps so." everywhere in Japan to enjoy!

Cog train running through the Valley, surrounded by wilderness Oi Oi River upstream of and at the back of the Japan only "Line and the Southern Alps so."To ride to travel to unexplored!

Southern Alps so. the line "Oigawa Railway Co., Ltd.Ikawa line "also referred to as、And routes with history made for the dam construction of the Oi River basin、Now as a tourist train in the back ", oigawaSenzu Station"From the point of leaving、End "Ikawa station"Until the bus!

2018Due to landslides that occurred on March 5、Now "Kanzō stationTo ikawa station "of withholding driver for、Be up front kanzō station Terminal is one of、It will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

In this line、Visitors can observe the Abt locomotives combined for Japan's steepest consolidation work、Skilled boasts the tallest 70.8 m from river railway bridge "of Sawa bridge."、Looks like on the welding Putian sesso-Lake "Oigawa railway station back on the big lake."And the superb view from、Filled with unexplored train journey!

Stations in line with the Southern Alps so. "ikawa line tour tickets" 1800 Yen to buy round-trip tickets and become、Because the passenger sector in free money!

Conductor gave out tickets to me!

In the station yard、Designed to reduce the heat in the mist shower、Have a taste of summer leisure time to enjoy!

Originally a red vehicle、Built as a hydroelectric power plant construction materials for transportation trolleys、Using the compact size to fit the curve was established through a ravine or small tunnel! A retro feel in mouth

Conductor rang before departure point at confirmation after yobuko whistle、At the time when it comes! We're off!

The Red truck train gatancouton with a lush green mountain run、Can experience the world just what an extraordinary and exhilarating!

Tunnel section number is 61 points altogether!、To run on the railroad runs a raw in the tunnel ceiling and the cliff's edge、World of nail-biting thrills await! (Lol)

In car radio、Conductor showed the ikawa line of practice in us、Weave a natural mountain views and river flow and enjoy refreshing!

Window of the truck train is open for、While riding the wind and feel comfortable、More natural feel close!

However,、 No air conditioning in the train、Because the intense heat turn and attack whenever I stop at every station、Hydration of heatstroke!

Quaint is secretly in the country stand alone station、Wrapped in a nostalgic atmosphere somewhere!

55 points is the number of the bridge with a line as the Southern Alps so. "Okuizumi station' From 'ABT ASU no Yoichi! station"In between the、Japan's tallest railway bridge-Sawa bridge of severe、You can enjoy the beauty of the bridge connecting the mountain!


"Abt ASU no Yoichi! station" on arrival、Finally in the steep slope of the Japan event、Cog locomotive ED90 "a.k.a.:ABT-Kun "in kuha 600 body press from the rear、90Mille stuff like overcoming the steep、Enjoying a moment of consolidation work in iron man and iron her too!

The steep slope of the Japan、Slowly slowly and is supported by apt-Kun, and forward、Alarmed many families camp in the campground below will、Take a train to notice?、So he waved、Soon swing back, greeting!

I came out of the steep slope of the Japan、Dynamic "Nagashima dam"Hit and、A huge concrete and dynamic world of unique、At once uplifting feeling! Previous、"Dam woman (Jo)" growing! But I remember hearing rumors、As soon as I was not even a thought!

"Nagashima dam station"Now、The encounter with the Senzu-bound tram!

The apt-Kun back for me、Cut off here, goodbye!

According to upstream、The color of the Lake is deeper blue this clear go find!

The following are、Lake Oku oimachi STA. finally be talking about unexplored region station and to arrive!

Middle bridge "back Oi Rainbow Bridge.、This station show up on the Lake.、In the SNS called unexplored region station and talk to、This Southern Alps so. and line、Very many tourists are called!

Reaching the final train journey、Well the deep gorge、Be called and known as rejuvenation-no-Yu "welding ischemic Onsen,"Sessokyō-Onsen station"The tourists don't chirahora!

So if it advances to the outback、Deep, rich in green、The water in the River seems more clear、Air is delicious!

Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes train journey、While I was greeted by the adorable kanzō present end station at Badger arrived!

Return from here、Alight at the bus stop a few minutes away、Return to the Senzu Station in bus air conditioning is working today!
Truck train in 1 hour 30 minutes、30 min. by bus、Fun was beyond 2 hours of journey、Mountain、Chuan、触re合ete on the Green and nature、To refresh the full!

To survive the intense heat of the year、How is the summer resort tours unexplored train journey!?

Oigawa, Southern Alps so. and line
Southern Alps apt Center
TEL:0547-59-2137(Weekdays 9:00-16:40-

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